Pets At Pride

The urge to bring our pets to Pride is a decision that needs to be based in reality, but also in consideration of their health and well-being.


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Sexercise To Exercise

It would be fair to say that sex is fun for the majority, however depending on how robust the sex is, it may feel like a good workout.


Sex On The Beach

A holiday is an ideal opportunity to understand and calibrate your sex rhythms devoid of the daily stresses.


Post Lockdown

(So-called) Super Saturday, 4th July 2020: My partner and I have booked a restaurant for Saturday afternoon. As we used to go out at least twice a week before Covid 19 struck, this seems almost like a historical day, when some urban life may return to (new) normal. On our way there, it is 5 […]


Unique Views


In all the talk about social distancing, protecting oneself and others, self-isolation and quarantining at home, what seems to be forgotten is what makes most of us feel alive, connectedness.

Being An LGBT+ Ally

Are you ready to support your LGBT+ community? Making small changes to how we think and behave can have a big positive impact.

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