Compatibility: 3 Ways To Know If You Match

3 easy steps to know if they are the one or not.

Relationships 10th Apr, 2021

Compatibility is not front of mind on that first date. As you get ready, you are likely to be both excited and nervous, picking outfits and changing them as you decide what you want to wear. This is completely normal and is a good way to let the anticipation build as you look forward to the date. What you should try to avoid is telling yourself a story. ‘This is the one’ or ‘I’m gonna mess this up’ are both common examples and can put pressure on something that should be fun.

Take a look at these steps and keep them in mind, they may help you to focus on the positive. That way you can enjoy the present, instead of dwelling on past mistakes, or your hopes for the future.


Testing Your Compatibility:

You Make Each Other Laugh:

Laughter is an excellent way of finding out if you are compatible. Even better if you feel comfortable enough to tell an embarrassing story about your past that now makes you laugh. That is a great sign that you feel safe with them. If they follow your lead and do the same, you know the feeling is mutual. It could be something as simple as people watching that reduces you both to tears as you howl with laughter. Don’t worry if you don’t laugh, maybe it’s not that kind of date, just look out for it as you get to know each other.

There’s A Spark:

Whether this is someone you have never met, or someone you know who asked you out, that moment where your eyes meet and you know you’re attracted to each other is magical. It doesn’t need to happen straight away, or even on the first date. While you are chatting and getting to know them, make eye contact, see how you feel. Innocent physical contact, like brushing up against each other as you walk, or holding hands is also a good sign the date is going well.

You Don’t Want The Date To End:

If you are both finding reasons to extend the date and just can’t stop chatting, that is a great sign. It shows how much you enjoy spending time together. Don’t worry, however, if they have to leave straight afterwards. The reasons may be many and varied. Ask your date, and you may find this results in your relationship being stronger moving forward. Figuring out how they feel may be as simple as them agreeing to penciling in a second date.

A first date can be wonderful, especially if you aren’t putting any pressure on the outcome. This isn’t a race, take things slowly and try to enjoy the moment. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of wondering how it’s going. Perhaps you would normally try to work out what your date is thinking or feeling. In those moments, reflect on the date with these points in mind. Above all enjoy yourself, after all, this could be the start of something new.

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