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Understanding Children:

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As a parent, raising your child can be an experience that ranges from joy, frustration, pride to everything in between. Raising children is usually hard work just like any relationship but provides phenomenal rewards. It is easy to forget that children are not so dissimilar to adults in their ranges of thought. The difference is usually in the complexity, however the exception is the bamboozlement of adults performed by children of higher intelligence.

We have all been children at some stage in lifetime and yet parents can often feel disconnected from their children based on an irrational perception that some displayed behaviour is irrational, when in reality they did the same at that age and have conveniently forgotten. As childhood is the journey to adulthood it is also the journey to discover what kind of person one will be: one’s identity. With this in mind it is a natural expectation that children test boundaries and question “norms” in order to reach self-discovery. 

As the modern age develops the rate at which children enter pubescence is getting lower and lower. Observers suggest that it is the addition of certain stresses that accelerate the onset of puberty. This may lead to an unrealistic conclusion that children are prepared for adulthood.

How To Raise a Child:

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Early childhood growth is riddled with developmental markers such as levels of mobility and general motor skills.These do indicate proficiency, but they are not a determining factor in the overall potential the child might have. Some children are naturally late bloomers. Understanding what your child likes and what they struggle with,. and early detection of any obvious disabilities or learning difficulties is vitally important for their ease of passage through the ensuing phases of development.

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