Pets At Pride: PauliePride’s 5 Essential Tips

pets at pride

Top 5 Dos and Donts for Pets at Pride.

Pets (Updated 2024) 16th Jun, 2021

As we start to emerge from the fog of quarantines and protocols for social distancing, we are starting to see cultural events return. This includes Pets at Pride!

As we discussed in the last post of this blog, with life returning back to our new normal, there will be a sense of separation anxiety with ourselves and our pets.

As we start to go back to.our offices and pre-pandemic routines, we will have less time to socialise with our #1 self quarantine companions, our pets.

Pride is an opportunity to go out, embrace the joy and sense of community and to share our lives and love.

Naturally the urge to bring our pets to Pride is a decision that needs to be based in reality as well in consideration of their health and well-being.

pets at pride

PaulyPride’s Do’s & Don’ts for your four legged pals to celebrate safely:

Pets at Pride

5. Keep People From Hovering Over Your Pets at Pride:

Even the most friendly and loving animal has a breaking point. If your cute Fluffy has potentially hundreds of people wanting to pet and play in a relatively short time, it won’t take much for them to be triggered.

4. Pets at Pride Is More And More Popular:

Many people find it fun and endearing to enter their pets at Pride in these contests. I completely understand the draw and the desire to so this.

Yet I encourage you greatly to NOT do anything that alters their natural beauty.

Do not dye their coat (even if it is temporary) or adorn them in costumes (there is a reason many attendees of Pride wear very little….it’s HOT!).

We all love our pets, but let’s love them how they are best loved.

3. Adorn Them In Their Finest Non Breakaway Collar Or Better Yet Harness (Which You Can Find In Pride Colours):

Make sure its breathable material but sturdy. The last thing you want is your pets at Pride to get spooked and run off.

2. Water And Booties!

If you are still considering having your pets at Pride prance down the promenade with you in the parade make sure that your pets at Pride have on booties.

These too can also be found online and they will save unnecessary pain and suffering (blisters and burns) from walking all day and much of it on asphalt and cement.

Don’t just try to throw the booties on the morning of Pride.

You need to think ahead and train and acclimate your pet to them otherwise your pets at Pride might start with a bit of a problem with them accepting them to wear.

Also water is crucial. As you would do all day long you need to make sure you hydrate your pet. Providing numerous stops for COLD water breaks is essential.

This means you need to either stop along the route and purchase cold water or you need to bring along a small supply kit with not just water but also snacks.

My #1 do for Pets at Pride is to re-suggest …

1. Leave Your Pet Home For The Event:

You really will be doing them and yourself a favour.

Sure that pet might draw some wanted attention from a human hottie or it might get you a cheap medal for an event, but is any of that worth setting your beloved pets at Pride up for anything but success?

So go out, have a blast, get your Pride on. Dance, hookup if ya want, have some cocktails and enjoy our chance to be back out and about celebrating who and what we are.

Your pet will be home awaiting your return and heck, you can relive it all again by telling them your exploits and, unlike some two-legged friends, this one will never judge you!

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, PauliePride’s advice is second to none. If you know of a Pride that is not a member of InterPride, feel free to put them in touch.

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