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What Are Pets?

What are pets?

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A pet is a domestic or tamed animal that is kept in one’s home for companionship or pleasure.  Sometimes referred to as “companion animals”, these are different from what would be considered a working animal (guide dogs, draft horses, herding dogs, barn cats, etc) or livestock. There can be similar kinds of animals used as pets or working animals. Generally, livestock are not pets but, in some cultures and farms, this does occur. 

Pets generally have an appealing look, gentile behaviour and adapt well into the family of those who keep them. Some people have single pet homes, some have multiple pets – some of the same species, some mixed species. 

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Most pets are provided both tangible and emotional care by their owners/guardians. Food, water, shelter are the basic necessities any animal needs, but pets are generally provided with a vast array of toys, food treats, socialisation and enrichment beyond the basic care. 

Some pets are also kept to help guard or protect their owner/guardians home and property. These would not generally be considered working dogs if they are housed in the home and are also used for companionship. 

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What Are Most Common Pets?

When it comes to having a pet, many people have different ideas of what is the best pet, how many to have, and more.

These are the most common pets around the world: 

  • Dogs 
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Gerbils
  • Ferrets
  • Reptiles & Amphibians

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