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Brian Good

Editor in Chief

Brian Good is a health, wellness, advocacy and culture expert with more than 25 years experience in the media industry. He has worked for some of the biggest lifestyle brands in the world including Men’s Journal, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Muscle and Fitness magazines. He’s also served as editor of the popular LGBT magazine PrideLife, the official magazine of InterPride (a global group that helps to organize and run Pride events around the world) for nearly a decade. He is a previous winner of the American Society of Magazine Editors’ National Magazine Award for Service Journalism. Based just outside New York City where he lives with his partner and three cats, he’s an avid outdoorsman, music lover, Pride 365 Champion, and supporter of progressive politics in his spare time. “My goal,” he says, “whether I’m writing about health and wellness, nutrition, a person’s sexual identity or any of the other issues I cover is to try and make even a small difference in an individual’s life. Hopefully if we all do the same, those changes can add up over time to help us all improve the world as a whole as well.


Brett Hayhoe


Since 2004, Brett has been the Publisher & Editor of his own LGBT+ magazine – Q Magazine – based in Melbourne, Australia. Brett has been an advocate for his community for over 35 years including 12 years on the Board of InterPride – 4 as the Region 20 Director, 4 as Secretary and 4 as Co-President. During this time, he also served as Co-Chair of the Communications and the WorldPride Committees of InterPride. His community service has seen him lead many organisations in Victoria including PLWHA (Victoria) – an advocacy organisation for people living with HIV/AIDS – and 11 years with Pride March Victoria. “I believe that if you identify as a member of a particular community then you should do whatever you’re able to work for and with said community”, Brett said. “As frustrating volunteering may be at times, the rewards well outweigh the angst, as you live with the hope that your work will make a difference in some way, shape or form”. Brett is now focussed on the political landscape and is the Chairman, President and State Council representative of his local branch.

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