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What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?

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Being authentic, or our most true self, is something that many people will chase their entire lives. Some will go on adventures halfway around the world to “find themselves” only to return with more questions than answers. While pursuing authenticity may be the ideal, it may also be considered chasing the end of a rainbow, the promise of great treasures being just out of reach. 

This is not to say that the ideal is not reachable. Some find comfort in themselves harbouring little to no insecurities or fears that prevent them from being and acting however they wish. To what extent however this is really self discovery or simply acquiescing to a “whatever will be will be” contentment is difficult to say. All perception is subjective and by extension so is all judgment, especially of ourselves. 

Sometimes when asked who we are, the truth is we know not. To what extent being authentic is a trick of the mind or a means to a real end, the reality is that those who are “authentic” are usually happier, feel better about themselves, achieve more goals and cope with difficult situations more readily and easily.

How To Be Authentic:

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The way to be authentic usually begins with uncomfortable introspection where preventative self doubt and limiting beliefs are removed. Being authentic, by its very nature, will usually put you outside of the usually conforming peer group. This is just par for the course as approval seeking popularity is meaningless to you. Validation comes from within because you can look in the mirror with pride and say that you are doing it for you. 

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