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What is Sexuality?

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Sexuality is the pattern of your romantic, emotional or sexual attraction. Your sexual orientation  is separate from your gender and is what typically becomes one of the greatest pulls through life. 

The Different Types of Sexuality:

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Sexuality is incredibly varied and diverse. Sexuality works like a great spectrum, coming in so many different shapes and sizes. As such it is often easier for people when asked where they fit in this spectrum to say simple and well known answers such as heterosexual, homosexual, gay, queer, fluid, asexual etc. however their actual identity might be slightly or even significantly different. In fact sexuality is so complicated, discovering ones sexuality may take many years. The lack of role models can often retard or even confuse this process resulting in an incorrect sexuality being chosen.As a general rule however most people, over time, end up landing close to their comfortable sexual identity target.

On the flip side there are also arguments that many who identify as heterosexual are off the mark or simply dont know any better, due to a lack of information or stimuli in today’s heteronormative society. This is duplicated for gender identity where male and female are usually referred to as the only gender markers. Gender identity and gender expression are as varied as sexual identity and the lack of general recognition leaves some in society unsure of their true identity or afraid to express it openly. 

Although the vast majority of people are, not everyone is a sexual being. It is important to remember that making assumptions about other people’s gender or sexual orientation is meaningless in the face of their own. Both gender and sexual orientation belong solely with the individual.

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