Tips for Having Confidence in Your First M2M Massage

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What is Massage 15th Jan, 2024

Feeling a bit anxious about booking your first M2M massage?

No need to worry! “M2M” or “man to man” massage is similar to the concept of a “gay massage,” and it’s all about providing a tailored experience for your health, wellness, and overall satisfaction.

Your first M2M massage

To help you approach your first visit with confidence and avoid potential issues, here’s a comprehensive guide to booking an M2M massage.

Choose the Right Masseur

Nail the right choice in your masseur – it’s key. Start off with some good ol’ research. Hop online, check out those reviews. Word of mouth? Even better. Get the lowdown from those who’ve been there, done that. Scope out their qualifications, too. You’re not just looking for someone who knows their way around a massage table. You want a pro whose vibe clicks with yours, someone who gets you feeling comfortable and chill from the get-go.

Here’s the thing: Picking your masseur isn’t just ticking a box. It’s about matching their skills and style to what your body and mind need. Find that sweet spot of a masseur who’s got the touch and the talk that suits you. It’s a big deal, really. The right choice here? It’s like the difference between a good massage and a ‘wow, I need to do this more often’ kind of massage. So, take your time, and choose wisely – your massage experience will thank you for it.

Prioritize Hygiene before your First M2M

Maintain a fresh vibe. Seriously, being a top-notch client involves excellent hygiene. Ensure you shower before your massage, whether it’s at home or the massage spot. (Confirm shower availability when booking.) This step is crucial, especially if you’re coming from a workout or physical labor.

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Important note: Showering beforehand isn’t just a courtesy to the masseur; it’s a self-perk. Feeling clean and fresh enhances your confidence, leaving you with an extra boost.

Grooming Matters

Tidy up a bit. Getting a trim not only elevates your confidence but also enhances the smoothness and comfort of your massage. Use a trimmer on your chest and legs, and for those more sensitive areas, a razor works wonders. Another option? Go for a wax before your M2M massage—our site has skilled waxing and skincare professionals.

Pro tip: Give yourself a breather between waxing and massage, spacing appointments a couple of days apart. Your skin might be a tad sensitive post-wax, and we want your massage experience to be nothing but relaxing.

Avoid Smoking

Stay smoke-free before your M2M Massage. The scent of cigarettes, cigars, or marijuana may not sit well with your masseur, affecting your overall experience.

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Here’s the deal: Smoking before your session allows harmful toxins to seep into your skin. When your masseur opens up those pores, these toxins are released onto their hands and all over your body. Let’s keep it toxin-free for a more enjoyable massage experience.

Moderate Alcohol Intake

Keep it in check before your session. A beer or a glass of wine to unwind is cool, but going overboard with liquor isn’t ideal for you or your masseur.

Excessive drinking can dull the benefits of your sensual or tantric massage, and your therapist might worry about safety and behavior if you’re drunk.

Important: If you show up intoxicated, you may be asked to reschedule, causing inconvenience and loss of expected revenue for your masseur. If it happens, compensate for the therapist’s time—it’s on you for showing up under the influence, not on them.

Trust the Masseur’s Products

Let the pros do their thing with the oils and lotions—they’ve got a knack for picking the good stuff. Trust their expertise to set the right vibe.

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But hey, if you’re particular about your products or have some allergies in the mix, give the masseur a heads-up when you’re booking. It’s all about making sure you’re comfy with what’s getting rubbed in.

Tip Appropriately

Show some appreciation – tipping matters. In the massage scene, a 20-percent cash tip at the session’s end is the norm, but the ball’s in your court. If your session hits the spot or involves some special perks, consider tipping more to express your thanks.

Top tip: If you’re eyeing future appointments with your masseur, leaving a solid, maybe even generous tip, is a savvy move. It’s a nod to excellent service and sets the tone for future sessions.

Honest Communication

During your session, be honest and transparent about your interests and hobbies. Don’t hold back; the masseur is all about making sure you receive what you need.

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Consider it more akin to a conversation than a purchase. Fair enough, the masseur has the option to respectfully decline a request or have a conversation before agreeing to it.

Finding that sweet spot that works for the two of you is the key.

Respect the Boundaries

Respect boundaries—no touching without permission. In intimate massages, it can get exciting, but never assume you can touch the masseur unless explicitly allowed. Always confirm before making a move.

Consider this: In the #MeToo era, steering clear of any #HeToo situations is a priority. Respect and communication are key for a comfortable and safe massage experience.

Honesty is Key

Let’s get real – honesty? It’s everything in your massage session. Your masseur? They’re not just good with their hands; they’re pros, experts in what they do. So, if there’s something on your mind, a niggle, a preference, or maybe a no-go zone, just lay it out there. Speak up, but hey, keep it respectful.

Here’s the scoop: Your M2M massage isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s tailored, just for you. Professional yet personal – that’s the mantra. When you’re upfront and clear about what you want (and what you don’t), magic happens. It sets the stage for a massage that’s not just good, but great. One that leaves you thinking, ‘Why haven’t I done this sooner?’ So remember, honesty isn’t just the best policy; it’s your key to unlocking an amazing massage experience. Trust these tips, speak your truth, and you’re all set for a session that hits all the right notes.

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