Christian Ghent

Christian Ghent

a gay social and political writer who’s not afraid of telling his truth, but equally offers solutions to situations that may seem insurmountable. Christian used to write for a former Australian website called The Gay Mafia. Pushing the envelope and offering opinions from a non-traditional viewpoint are his mantra. “Adult, considered debate is healthy for all societies. Without hearing the other side, how can one truly say that their idea of a situation is the true and correct one?”, Mr. Ghent offers. “Challenging the status quo, although rather controversial in this day and age, is both healthy and progressive. It is only with robust debate that real change is afforded the opportunity to occur”.

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Life is what you make it.

Some hard truths about the pitfalls of life, but more importantly how to deal with them, live with them, and rise above them. Read now.

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