24 Best Gay Furry Comics of All Time

Fury Comics or Furry Manga, otherwise known as Yiff, is a genre of media that includes Furry character.

These are typically anthropomorphic animals that take on human-like qualities, such as the ability to speak, wear clothing, and display emotion.

One popular genre within the furry community is gay furry comics, which depict romantic and sexual relationships between male furry characters.

These stories can explore a wide range of themes, from love and friendship to issues that are important to the LGBTQ+ community, such as acceptance and discrimination.

Furry characters and furry comics have gained a dedicated fanbase over the years, thanks to their unique blend of human and animal characteristics.

Furries and enjoying gay furry comics is a subculture that has gained popularity within the LGBTQ+ community. Although not inherently sexual, some parts of the homosexual kink culture incorporate it.

Here is a list of some of the best Gay Furry comics and manga. Settle down and relax with and find a gay masseur if you need to. Read these to be thrilled, teased, and lose yourself in the love or often lusty ride. You can find and read many of these best gay furry comics on Webtoons or buy on Amazon.

24. Only if you Kiss 

gay furry comics

These two brothers enjoy watching movies, drinking beer, and relaxing on the couch. The two explore a whole new level of bro-bonding time when one of them begins to, well, engage in some pleasure time.

But everything is OK! It’s not gay as long as there is no kissing involved! It’s hot, hot, hot in this gay furry comic!

This cartoon will appeal to anyone who like yiff or has ever dreamed about having sex with their closest buddy. Additionally, the wolf and bear characters are very muscular and ripped, if you get what we mean.

Romance: 2/5 · Plot: 2/5 ·Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Total Score 12/20

Read this comic at: furplanet.com 

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23. FANG (2012)

Single Volume

gay furry comics

With its more than a dozen short pieces, the “FANG” Gay Furry Comics collection revolutionized homoerotica in the furry community.

It is considered to be the “little black book of furry fiction” and is an absolute necessity for any connoiss(f)ur. Hardcore yiff to gentler tales of bros discovering new ways to “connect” are both included in the stories.

It contains the works of legendary gay furry comic creators like Kyell Gold (renowned for his “Volle” novels), and it also introduces Mikori, Kohai, and Stormacatcher. It serves as an illustration of the beauty that may result when a group of queer writers and artists band together to produce content specifically for gay viewers (no pun intended).

Romance: 3/5 · Plot: 3/5 ·Visuals: 3/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Total Score 13/20

Read this comic on furplanet

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22. My Husband’s a Werewolf

gay furry comics

My Husband’s a Werewolf is a brand-new slice-of-life webcomic by Ko & Atari that follows the daily lives of Jay, a human, and his werewolf husband, Lake, as they navigate the complexities of their relationship.

The comic provides a unique perspective on human-werewolf relationships.

The couple faces challenges from relatives who find their relationship unusual due to its uniqueness. Lake, being a werewolf with cats as parents, finds it difficult to explain his lycanthropy to his family, but it is evident that they are trying to understand.

Romance: 4/5 Plot: 3/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 2/5

Total Score: 13/20

Read this gay furry comic here.

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21. Finding Family

gay furry comics

Gay people have the freedom to choose their own family, as Mama Ru once said. In this furry comic, “Finding Family,” two feline students, a leopard named Tobias and a jaguar named Tyson, unexpectedly fall in love and embark on an adventure together.

As we follow their journey, we see the couple make love for the first time, meet each other’s families, and apply for college. Their bond deepens from friends to lovers, leading to their decision to adopt an Arctic wolf named Elias.

Romance: 4/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 3/5

Total Score: 15/20

Read this comic here.

20. The Wolves Outside

gay furry comics

The Wolves Outside, also known as Outsidewolves online, is a collection of humorous animal comics by Jesse England that explore the ever-changing media landscape and consumer culture as society transitions from analog to digital.

Using anthropomorphic, ligne-claire animals, these webcomics delve into topics such as technological mediation, semiotics, and queer sexuality.

With a witty and humorous tone, The Wolves Outside offers a unique and insightful commentary on modern society, as seen through the lens of its animal characters.

Romance: 1/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 3/5 Sex Appeal: 2/5

Total Score: 10/20

Read this comic here.

19. Weekend

gay furry comics

Weekend is a gay furry comic that takes “puppy love” to a whole new level. When two puppies fall deeply in love, they discover new and creative ways to express their affection for each other.

Author Zeta Haru masterfully depicts the physical intimacy between the two characters, making their connection feel genuine and heartfelt.

As the comic progresses, we witness their growing infatuation and love for one another, which serves as a reminder of the beauty of true love.

In the sequel, Weekend 2, the pair enjoys a romantic cabin getaway, leading to even more adorable and intimate moments.

Overall, Weekend is a vividly sensual and romantic comic that celebrates the power of love between two individuals.

Romance: 5/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 5/5

Total Score: 18/20

Read this comic here.

18. Pay Me Back, Mr. Cat

gay furry comics

Pay Me Back, Mr. Cat has garnered a passionate following for its delightful writing, beautiful illustrations, and heartwarming moments.

The story follows Lin, a cat who has fallen from a planet primarily inhabited by cats and is now residing on Earth in a human body.

As he navigates the challenges of living as a human, including managing a demanding business career, maintaining friendships, and behaving honorably in public, the comic offers a humorous and relatable look at the complexities of daily life.

Despite the difficulties he faces, Lin’s journey is filled with touching and adorable moments that make the story a joy to read.

Romance: 1/5 Plot: 3/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 1/5

Total Score: 9/20

Read this gay furry comic here.

17. Foxes in Love

gay furry comics

Foxes in Love by Toivo Kaartinen is a charming slice-of-life comic based on the author’s own experiences. The comic follows the ups and downs of love between two gay male foxes (one of which the creator notes is cis) in a simple and endearing way.

Despite the foxes being illiterate, they understand that love is love, which adds to the comic’s heartwarming and relatable nature.

Romance: 4/5 Plot: 3/5 Visuals: 3/5 Sex Appeal: 1/20

Total Score: 11/20

Read this comic here.

16. The Internship

gay furry comics

What more could you want from a story of friendship, love triangles, treachery, and sex like “The Internship”?

Andrew, a 25-year-old, is eager to advance his career at his job. But he’s at a loss for what to do when his love for Cooper, a lifelong friend, and his fondness for the company CEO, Emery, become entangled.

This gives the clichéd question, “Is it love or is it career?”, a gloriously queer spin. Andrew must decide whether to follow his heart and spend his life with the one he truly loves or to do everything it takes to achieve his wildest career goals.

The story combines humorous aspects with intricate and well-developed characters. However, those bedroom scenes are something to behold.

Romance: 4/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 3/5 Sex Appeal: 5/5

Total Score: 16/20

Read this comic here.

15. Paw Prints

gay furry comics

In her book Paw Prints, Sarah McSquish chronicles the exploits of two shapeshifter siblings, Mae and Dante Rojas, as they travel cross-country with Bear and Asuka. Even though the webcomic has only been published since June 2020, the artist’s style has already matured and is adorable.

Additionally, Mae, a feisty platinum fox who can transform into Dante, is based on the designer herself. Dante is also based on the creator’s former pet dog, a wolf/malamute mix.

Romance: 1/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 5/5 Sex Appeal: 1/5

Total Score: 10/20

Read this comic here.

14. Lost and Found

gay furry comics

The only person to survive the shipwreck is Stephen. He is left feeling hungry and fatigued after making it to a deserted island. As it turns out, he won’t be alone for very long since he runs into a tribesman who is entirely naked!

The tribesman, whose name is revealed to be Aikan, and Stephen manage to converse despite not speaking the same language. It is Aikan’s responsibility to teach Stephen how to live on an island once he persuades his fellow tribe members to accept the lost soul. An epic romance is the only thing left to take place.

The relationship that develops between the two is one of the most thrilling, sensual, and steamy representations of male-to-male romance we’ve seen in a gay furry comic, from sleeping under the stars to having heart-to-hearts. The sequence with the waterfall in particular is compelling reading.

Read this gay furry comic here.

13. Virtual Pet Planet

gay furry comics

Snailienz is the creator of Virtual Pet Planet, a webcomic that follows a group of LGBT virtual pets as they navigate typical teenage experiences, such as trying out for a school play or coming out to friends and family.

However, the pets also have to contend with evil supernatural forces that threaten the fate of the universe. Based on the information provided, it is unclear how many volumes of Virtual Pet Planet exist.

Romance: 3/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 1/5

Total Score: 12/20

Read this comic here.

12. Little Buddy

gay furry comics

John and Chris are close friends. John becomes curious when he discovers that Chris is gay. Although he has never interacted with another gay person before, he is at ease and ponders the mechanics of male-to-male intimacy. He even asks if he can experiment with Chris, not for any “homosexual” reasons but out of simple curiosity.

Their relationship quickly develops into much more as a result of John’s interest. The main issue is that Chris is a virgin and is reluctant to get completely nude with John, which makes their activities feel one-note.

This tale has it all. It’s romantic, dramatic, and at its core, a coming-out story. It deals with the issues gay men face with body image, sexual exploration without much knowledge of sex, and coping with “straight-identifying” guys who see them as their experiment.

This section of the book covers the more mature aspects of the coming-out process, topics that are rarely, if ever, discussed in the mainstream media.

Romance: 3/5 Plot: 3/5 Visuals: 1/5 Sex Appeal: 2/5

Total Score: 8/20

Read this comic here.

11. Motion of the Ocean

gay furry comics

This gay furry comic follows the story of Ryan, who draws the attention of handsome lifeguard/DJ Elliot while on vacation on a cruise ship.

Elliot is a popular, ripped, and cool guy with a lot of friends. Ryan, on the other hand, is inexperienced in the LGBT community and reserved. However, Elliot takes Ryan under his wing, teaches him about the community, and helps him grow into a contented, whole gay man.

With candlelit dinners, dance parties, and hot tub canoodling, “Motion of the Ocean” is like if Queer as Folk invaded the set of the Titanic, without the iceberg and early 20th-century misogyny.

We appreciate this comic because it manages to feel family-friendly despite being rather explicit. The portrayal of consent is excellent, and the characters have genuine affection for one another.

Romance: 4/5 Plot: 3/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 3/5

Total Score: 14/20

Read this gay furry comic here.

10. Burning Curiosity 

gay furry comics

We think that this comic is the most staunchly gay furry we’ve seen. And although while it’s undoubtedly not for everyone, it’s worth praising for its wonderful tale and artwork.

In “Burning Curiosity,” a father and son discover new ways to connect while Mom is away from the home. And if that doesn’t make this comic’s NSFW nature clear to you, we don’t know what will.

It’s a tale that combines role-playing, suspense, and the dangers of temptation.

The majority will feel confused, outraged, and contaminated after reading “Burning Curiosity” .

Read this comic here.

9. Associate Student Bodies

gay furry comics

If you don’t know what “Associated Student Bodies” are, you won’t get very far in the gay furry community. A gay furry may find all they could want in it, including plenty of poignant situations that will hit you square in the emotions.

From 1998 to 2000, an eight-part series, when life was unquestionably better, was produced.

The show centers on Daniel, a lion who lives in a hostel at a university with Marcus, a wolf. Over the course of the year, Daniel investigates his identity and befriends a group of LGBTQ+ residents of his building, but be prepared to cry as Daniel struggles to balance his desire to make his traditional parents pleased with his desire to put his own happiness first.

Read this comic here.

8. Out of Position

gay furry comics

Dev, a dashing tiger, is completely torn apart as he falls for Lee, a quirky fox – a university football team’s star player.

This would be it if Heartstopper had been written with furries in mind. It features covert relationships, moving self-discovery moments, and a spunky BFF like Tao who despises jocks. But one thing you definitely get in “Out of Position” is a ton of steamy, private action.

The renowned artist Kyell Gold creates extremely intricate and detailed artwork that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

We were unable to help but identify with Dev, who felt the need to conceal their identity out of concern that their teammates would reject them. We felt so bad for Lee though, who just wants a boyfriend!

Out of Position is a riveting read that will have you reaching for Kleenex for a variety of reasons, from the steamy scenes to the heartbreaking ones.

Read this comic here.

7. Two Kinds

gay furry comics

The gripping webcomic “Two Kinds” is set in a universe where tensions between humans and animal-like beings, known as Keidran, are constantly rising. The comic examines a manipulative world in which a variety of amazing personalities are all attempting to live.

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite gay furry pieces of art. It’s amazing to watch it develop from its, ahem, rough beginning to the present while still following the masterfully written plot! Their representation is excellent, particularly because Natani is a fictional character who is intersex. They are a member of a group called the Basitin, which are a race of anthropomorphic creatures in the world of “Two Kinds”. Natani is a complex character who struggles with their identity and gender expression throughout the story.

He is a forest wolf who, together with his brother, joins a street gang in order to survive.

Read this comic here.

6. My One and Only Cat

gay farry comics

In the story “My One and Only Cat,” a hairy feline mysteriously transforms into a human in order to pursue their true love romantically. Similar to The Little Mermaid and Cats. Social outcast Yeoul adopts Baeksu, a white fluffy cat, after running across him on a college campus.

Since there is nothing quite like a gay boy’s relationship with his pussy, the two rapidly get close. Then one night, Baeksu transforms into the man of Yeoul’s dreams: a handsome, long-haired, godlike specimen.

This gay cartoon is a sweet tale about falling in love with your own body as well as another person. Reading about Baeksu’s transformation from an unhappy street cat into a self-assured stud is incredibly heartwarming. And, the private moments are warming in a different way.

Read this comic here.

5. The Moon and The Wolf

gay furry comics

Aoi is eager for a new beginning when he moves into a brand-new apartment. When he comes to know Woo, a Wolfling who lives next door, things get even better.

As the two get to know one another, they get above their language differences and start a passionate, sensual romance. The lovers’ relationship isn’t entirely trouble-free because they both have issues with themselves that they really need to work through.

A young, fresh-faced man moving to a busy new city and finding his way there is a timeless narrative. It gets even better when you add the boy who is in love with another man who has a real tail.

Keep your eyes open for those passionate scenes, since they can be quite intense.

Read this gay furry comic here.

4. Ookami-sama no Ichizu na Bouai

gay furry comics

You are warned that the main character in this comic is “railed by a beastman” even before you open it, so you already know it’s going to be good!

Gender as we know it is disregarded in this Omegaverse setting. Instead, individuals are divided into three groups: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Everyone has the right to their own expression, even men who give birth and women who become pregnant.

Omegas are the least common genders, have reproductive organs in the back, emit pheromones (a season nine Drag Race fave), and are subject to prejudice.

This popular gay furry comic centers on the omega who is drawn to animals, Sakutarou. He gets overheated one day while frolicking around the city and urgently needs assistance in cooling off. 

Read this comic here.

3. Tiger & Carpenter

gay furry comics

Mr. Fujimiya has an intimidating appearance, looking like the bouncer at a homosexual techno club, with mean eyes, a square jaw, and bulging biceps, however, he is actually a complete softie who craves a friend.

After returning home every day to a house full of cats who adore him, he claims he wouldn’t be able to survive without them. When he falls for a big tiger, everything changes, and after seeing his abs, it’s not hard to understand why.

As their love life intensifies throughout the narrative, readers will feel captivated like a cat in heat.

Romance: 2/5 Plot: 2/5 Visuals: 2/5 Sex Appeal: 3/5

Total Score: 9/20

Read this comic here.

2. Hard Blush

gay furry comics

The amazing furry universe of “HardBlush” would be a bustling city if furrycons were a place. This platform is a haven for artists to share their furry comics and artwork, engage with fans, and connect with other furry enthusiasts on the role-play forum.

With new content added to the subscription-based website four times a week, HardBlush is like OnlyFans for animal lovers. By signing up, you support the dreams of furry artists and gain entry into the furry world.

To give users an inside look at the creative process, HardBlush also offers live drawing sessions every Sunday.

Miu, one of the platform’s most popular artists, has created Peaches and Cream, a charming lesbian furry couple, and their friends P.B. Other well-known artists include Jay, Anoki, Kayiko, Lucah, Peacock, and Red Rusker.

Romance: 3/5 Plot: 3/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 4/5

Total Score: 14/20

Read this comic here.

1. Cruelty

gay furry comics

There are two volumes in this gay furry comic book series, which started as a solitary drawing and quickly won the hearts of comic book enthusiasts all over the world. The series follows best friends Reis and Marcus, who are as different as can be. Marcus is a quiet, athletic, straight guy, while Reis is loud, proud, and openly gay.

Over the course of the academic year, their friendship deepens, and Marcus begins to question his sexuality as he develops feelings for Reis. With personal issues at home to deal with, Marcus struggles to come to terms with his crush.

Author Ruki has done an excellent job of crafting a heartbreaking tale while still leaving room for some steamy scenes. The story is passionate, thrilling, and visually stunning.

Romance: 4/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 5/5 Sex Appeal: 3/5

Total Score: 16/20

Read this gay furry comic here.

All About Gay Furry Comics

The world of comics is one that has long captured the imagination of people of all ages and walks of life. From superheroes to manga, gay furry comics has produced some of the most iconic characters and stories of our time. As the world has become more diverse and accepting however, so too has the world of comics evolved to reflect this.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, these comics are a unique blend of anthropomorphic animal characters and same-sex romantic and sexual relationships. Although some still consider it an odd combination, gay furry comics have captured the attention and imagination of a growing community of fans and artists alike.

At the heart of this genre is the exploration of love and relationships between non-mainstream characters. Regardless of their controversial or taboo reputation, they offer a unique perspective on the complexities of human emotions and the struggles of being authentic in a world that’s difficult to accept or understand.

The comics take readers on a journey of exploration through love and romance, in a truly honest way. Despite their animal-esque qualities, these complex and yet relatable characters display human-esque characteristics like hope, fear, and desire.

For many, gay furry comics offer a sense of community and acceptance that may be difficult to find in the broader community. Fans of all backgrounds and orientations find a welcome and inclusion as they share their love of the art form.

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What are Gay Furry Comics?

Gay furry comics are a sub-genre of furry comics that depict romantic and sexual relationships between characters with animalistic features, who happen to be gay. These comics often portray characters in humanoid forms, with animal traits such as ears, tails, and fur. The characters can be any type of animal, from a fox to a dragon, or a hybrid.

For somewhat obvious reasons, the focus of gay furry comics is relationships of a same-sex nature. These relationships display the same diversity as is evident in the community, from sweet and romantic to explicit and sexual. Depicted in a highly sexualised way, the characters often have gym-formed muscles and ample, well-placed bulges.

What is Gay Furry Art?

It is a genre of art that features anthropomorphic animals with human-like qualities, often expressing romantic or sexual relationships between two or more same-sex characters. Gay furry art is a form of expression that allows individuals to explore their sexuality and identity in a non-judgemental and welcoming environment.

Gay Furry Art vs. Gay Furry Comics

While the terms “gay furry art” and “gay furry comics” may be used interchangeably, there are some clear differences between the two. Gay furry art typically refers to standalone images that depict romantic or sexual relationships between same-sex characters with animalistic features. These images are often highly detailed and are created by individual artists.

Gay furry comics are sequential art forms that tell a story through a series of panels or pages. These comics can range from short one-shot entries to long-running series. They often feature characters that readers can become invested in.

Gay Furry Manga vs. Gay Furry Comics

Gay furry manga is a heavily Japanese influenced form of gay furry art. It follows the traditional style of Japanese comics, featuring a linear storyline that progresses through multiple panels on a page.

Gay furry manga typically features intricate and detailed drawings, with a focus on character development and complex plotlines. The characters in gay furry manga are often depicted with exaggerated or fantastical physical features, such as oversized ears or long, flowing tails.

While gay furry comics are more akin to western comic book styles, typically having a more simplistic drawing style and a less complex storyline than a gay furry manga.

Gay furry comics also tend to be shorter in length, with a single-page comic being a common format. This doesn’t mean that gay furry comics are any less captivating or well-executed than their manga counterparts though. In fact, many artists prefer the more straightforward approach of gay furry comics, as they allow them to focus on conveying a single message or idea.

So, what sets Gay Furry Comics And Gay Furry Manga apart?

While both gay furry manga and gay furry comics feature the same subject matter, their approaches to storytelling and visual presentation are different. While storyline driven gay furry manga places a heavy emphasis on the character’s emotional and psychological state, gay furry comics focus on the visual aspect of the artwork, using images to convey a particular mood or feeling.

The difference between gay furry manga and gay furry comics can also be seen in their respective audiences. Gay furry manga tends to be more popular among a younger demographic, while gay furry comics are often enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Additionally, gay furry manga is more prevalent in Japan and other Asian countries, whereas gay furry comics are more popular in the United States and Europe.

Gay Furry Comics as a Form of Expression

Gay furry comics offer a unique form of expression that allows artists to explore themes of love and relationships in a way that may not be possible with human characters. By using anthropomorphic animals, artists can create characters that are both familiar and exotic, blurring the lines between human and animal.

One of the key drawcards of gay furry comics is the ability to create characters that are not restricted by societal norms or gender roles. In these comics, characters can express themselves and their sexuality in ways that may not be possible in real life. This can be especially important for readers who may believe they are not represented in mainstream media.

The Importance of Representation

One of the most essential responsibilities of mainstream media is to break-down discrimination by truly representing diversity. Through the inclusive nature of gay furry comics, members of all marginalised communities find a safe space. This is often life saving validation for individuals who feel isolated or marginalised.

Regardless of the taboo or inappropriate reputation of gay furry comics, they provide an opportunity for artists and readers to explore themes of love and relationships in a unique and engaging way. Embracing both the furry community and the LGBTQ+ community, these comics create a space where individuals can feel seen, heard, and valued.


Gay furry comics offer a unique perspective on love and relationships, using anthropomorphic animals to create characters that are both familiar and exotic.

These comics provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals through a strong and real sense of community and belonging. While some may view these comics as taboo or controversial, they offer a valuable form of expression for both artists and readers alike.

If you’re questioning your sexuality or simply want to know more, take a read of our insights here.

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