Why Do We Have Gay Memes and 25 of the Best Ones for You To See

Scrolling on our phones late at night is the best way to fall asleep. Doesn’t it feel good to laugh while we’re trying to sleep? Nowadays, our hobbies include checking out TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It’s funny that what we usually see on our feeds is relatable, and how every time we scroll, there’s a gay meme that’s either funny or to which we can all relate.

Obviously, the internet is already a dark and scary place, but can you imagine the internet without a space for gay memes and laughter?

Gay memes are one of those that we consider to be freedom of expression, and they allow us to experience the internet as a platform free of hatred – only inclusivity and love.

Sharing witty and relatable memes has evolved into an integral part of how friends and strangers communicate online. Wouldn’t it be fun to show it to our friends and let them laugh like we did when we saw it?

Gay memes are especially relatable to us because the humor is different from that of our straight peers – we have our own brand of humor that gets incorporated into gay memes.

1. Gays are fast walkers!

fast walker meme

This one in particular has always made us laugh because it is completely true. Trixie Mattel asserted that we move faster when Britney’s “Womanizer” plays over and over in our heads, and she is probably correct!

2. [Gay Silence]

be quiet

We’re sure it’s all in our heads [Gay Silence], but we’d like to tell them!

Every gay person has a story about having to hide behind “the closet,” which is commonly used when you’re talking to a group of guys and one of them uses a slur, or when a colleague/family member openly admits to being anti-gay marriage.

It’s that internal struggle of “Do I say something, or do I sit in gay silence?”

This is also very relatable to bisexual and lesbian people, such as when a family member asks at a reunion, “When will you have a boyfriend?” [gay silence] “I’ve got a girlfriend!”

3. Limp wrist / “Is he… you know?”

have you got a limp wrist

C’mon! We’ve all seen a limp sign! Isn’t it funny how a gimmicky stereotype that was eradicated decades ago can suddenly resurface? People used to mock gay men by holding up a limp wrist and speaking in a high-pitched voice.

That was a stupid and degrading act. However, when people began doing it again online in recent years, it felt… instantly funny. Its lighter tone is unquestionably to blame.

We’ve all had that experience, and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate!

4. Lil Nas X

lil nas meme

Lil Nas X, a modern-day pop/hip-hop legend, sparked a lot of controversy when he posted a video of himself pole dancing all the way from Heaven to Hell, performing a lap dance for Satan, and making out with a few demons!

The conservative media went insane, however, Lil Nas saw the humor in it, and thus a new gay meme was born. His clapbacks against homophobes are also legendary.

5. Corporate Pride

corporate Pride

Don’t get us wrong! We absolutely adore and appreciate the help and support that large corporations provide for us! But when they only show us their affection in June, things start to feel strange and suspicious.

Gay memes include mocking businesses that only use the rainbow colour scheme and promote equality during Pride month but then remain silent on LGBTQ+ issues the rest of the year.

6. Clueless Straight People

they have no clue

We loooooove our straight relatives and friends, however, some aspects of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle are unlikely to be understood by children.

Every time we see a funny meme about a gay person trying to explain their personal life to an uneducated straight person, we laugh.

Isn’t it funny how when we say we’re gay, some straight guys think we’re interested in them? Don’t misunderstand me! I adore my straight friends, but I’d like to tell them, “Don’t assume too much! “We all have our preferences!”

7. “100 people in a room…”

lady gaga

During her “A Star Is Born” press tour, Lady Gaga famously said, “There could be a hundred people in a room, and 99 don’t believe in you, but all you need is one person to believe.”

We were completely obsessed with the compilations that were created.

8. [Gay Panic]

says it all really

When you’re out in public and see another gay person you like, you may experience “gay panic.” Or when you’re with your crush and they do that “big stretch so their shirt lifts a little and you can see a sliver of their abs.”

You surely know that one. You can also recall that moment when you accidentally made eye contact with the one you like! *gay alert*

9. “She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment…now come on now.”

When Wendy Williams mentioned Lil Kim on her talk show, saying, “She’s an icon, a legend, and she is the moment.

Now come on now,” the gay community went insane! Now, whenever a pop diva or gay icon takes a breath, the clip is dredged up and used to define them as having “the moment.”

10. “Oh, she passed away?”

Wendy Williams unintentionally broke Twitter yet again when she learned of Miss Melody’s death. She appeared remorseful for a split second, but quickly found a way to move on.

We’ve seen it used in conjunction with dark humor, especially when an unpopular public figure dies.

11. “Thanks, but I’m gay…”

it's always a good excuse

The creators of the television show “How to Get Away with Murder” never expected one of their lead gay characters to reject feminine attention with the line, “Um, thanks, but I’m gay.

We’ve seen it used with captions like “When your mom tries to set you up with the girl next door.”

12. Well, that’s hσmσphσbic 

russian nonsense

Whatever the inconvenience, you can make a joke out of it by using this caption! Isn’t it raining outside? Hσmσphσbic. Was the shop out of cupcakes? Homophobia!

Your boss makes a fool of you for being late. “Hello, police? I want to report a hate crime!”

 13. Pink is Gay

pink is a lovely colour

I’m not sure why pink is considered gay, but it’s clearly a stereotype! Is pink only for girls? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “You’re gay” every time you wear pink.

It’s not like we can deny it, is it? Instead, let’s get that PINK!

 14. Is becoming gay a choice?

is it really?

This meme, on the other hand, is slightly controversial, but not really! It’s humorous. They say becoming gay is a choice, but it isn’t!

Gayness is already in our blood, so I guess we’ll just stick to memes for the rest of our lives; after all, we’re gays!

15. “What ball?”

what ball meme

Really funny! That gay fear we felt back in middle school when someone asked to pass the ball back. This could be a bit naughty though but “What ball should I pass back?”

Just kidding, but surely anyone would’ve thought the same, and I’m sure you did too!

16. “I’m going to create an environment that is so toxic”

great actress

Glee was an experience that only those who first fell in love with it could fully appreciate. Many random moments from the show piqued the interest of today’s children and teenagers, who couldn’t get enough of the musical comedy.

Sue Sylvester, one of them, did deliver one iconic line that has been used in a variety of bizarre scenarios: “I’m going to create an environment that is so toxic.”

People use it to make fun of circumstances they find awkward, like having Christmas dinner with their conservative family.

17. Hook-Up Culture!

not that there's anything wrong with it

True, the majority of gay couples meet online. After all, there are fewer gay people than straight people. As a result, your chances of meeting someone special in real life are slim!

We came across some hilarious memes that capture the awkwardness of telling friends and family that you met your new boo on a dating app like Grindr or Tinder!

 18. Sitting in a chair

sitting in a chair

One of the many differences between gay and straight people is our inability to sit normally in a chair. Come to think of it, when was the last time you or your gay peers found yourselves sitting upright on a chair, both feet firmly planted on the ground?

Do you have anyone in mind?

19. We all want to be happy!

don't we ever

This is truly inspiring! Anyone, regardless of gender or preference, has the right to be happy. Share this on social media to show your homophobic friends and family that Bert and Ernie can be gay and happy!

We all desire this level of acceptance!

 20. Got you on the first half!

I dont need to be told twice

Oh, no! Stop what you’re typing and read that completely! This gay meme is really funny, though.

When I first read the comment, I thought this was a whole homophobic rant! This got me in the first half, and I’m almost ready to throw hands!

Sorry, Crocs, but I’m glad that it isn’t about the Pride Flag at all!

21. Let’s Catwalk to Heaven!

not a bad journey really

This is a wholesome level of acceptance, and I’m proud to say that I’ve seen such memes on my feed being shared by some proud mothers.

Oh, c’mon! Stop that Bible thing argument, we’re all God creation and yes, let’s fancy catwalk to heaven gays!

22. Yes, I am really GAY

looks a tad scary really

I’m sure you’ve been called gay several times, and it’s annoyed you. I mean, we all know we’re gay, so is there anything new? Use a different card to insult me. I know I’m gay, and I love it!

23. #GrowingUpGay

dont we all

We’ve all been there. Whether it was secretly wishing for the girl toy in your McDonald’s Happy Meal or wishing for the jock in class to return your feelings Or when a random stranger approaches you and asks, “Hey, are you gay?”

We’ve all had similar experiences. Look up #GrowingUpGay on Twitter and get ready to relate!

24. Stanning


Every pop musician has a devoted following. Beyonce’s fandom is known as the Beyhive. There are Arianators for Ariana. The Little Monsters are owned by Gaga (we wonder what we’d call ours).

Gay memes frequently depict pop stars as “queens” and emphasize how many LGBTQ+ people are among their fanbase.

25. Drag Race

Ru Paul

So, we’re cheating a little with this one because we believe RuPaul’s Drag Race could fill an entire list of gay memes on its own.

The iconic reality show has given us memorable moments such as “Ms. Vanjie,” “backrolls?” “Jade, get her,” and “I’d like to keep it on, please.” The memes are used everywhere, and the show truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

What are Gay Memes?

It’s the twenty-first century, and I’m sure you know what a meme is – unless you’re living far from civilisation and probably just teleported from the Stone Age.

A meme, to put it mildly, is an idea, behaviour, style, or image that spreads via the Internet, most commonly through social media platforms.

It is a text, audio, video, or image that makes fun of something in society. They’re employed to find humor in the universal human experience, whether it’s a thing, a person, or anything that will make people laugh.

Gay memes, by definition, are memes designed to make the LGBTQ+ community laugh. Gay memes are memes that make gays relate to their own gay experience and make them laugh at how relatable it is.

How are gay memes used?

Gay memes have made just as much of an impact on LGBTQ+ culture as Pride, gay nightclubs, gay bars, and the iconic Lady Gaga. That may be overstated, but gay communications have become more sophisticated as a result of gay memes.

When we meet up with our friends, we usually want them to see a certain gay meme that we saw on our phones, just so there’s a topic and meme to laugh about.

When we come across a gay meme, we usually hit the ‘Share’ button and send it to our friends or even our partner.

The majority of gay memes are widely shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and even Facebook. They are used to describe events and emotions that are unique to the gay experience.

Coming out, dealing with homophobic relatives, coworkers, and teachers, hook-ups, dating apps, strange things straight people say or do, and even being a huge admirer of pop queens are all part of the experience.

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