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Holidays and Travel 14th Oct, 2022

If you’re still unsure whether to book your travel to Gay Columbia or not, read this blog and be convinced why it’s the perfect travel destination for you! The city is a rising star in economy and tourism and is also popularly known as the best gay travel destination in America.

While it is a relatively small town, it is still brimming with activities and attractions to try. It has a laid-back and sophisticated ambiance during the day, but the city transforms into a lively and colorful haven at night.

gay columbia

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Remember to always check out the latest rules and restrictions before you leave.

If your interest is already piqued, here are important and interesting facts about Gay Columbia:

Gay Scene in Gay Columbia

Vibrant and dynamic – these two words perfectly paint Columbia’s gay scene. Being at the city’s heart brings you close to popular LGBT bars and clubs, the entertainment and retail district, cultural and art scenes, and world-class dining places.

Even if it’s a small town, it’s still jam-packed with welcoming and friendly locals that will make you feel safe and at home. It is a gay mecca in the conservative state of South Carolina, being a safe place for gay South Carolinas away from discrimination and hate.

Is Gay Columbia Safe?

The LGBT community has been integral to Columbia since the late 1980s. Until today, LGBT members have maintained their visibility, power, and footing in the community. As a diverse and progressive town, Columbia is a safe and ideal travel destination.

It has multiple gay-friendly establishments and activities, making it an exciting travel choice however, being a resident of Columbia is an entirely different issue.

There are many discriminatory legislations in South Carolina covering housing, health care, and education. However, there have been pushbacks to these regressive laws, and progress has been made. Hopefully, South Carolina will soon be as gay-friendly as its neighboring states.

When to Visit Gay Columbia?

For all gay travelers, October is the perfect time to visit Columbia! South Carolina Pride is celebrated this month, and you will be in time to experience everything the city offers, but if you want to see the other parts of Columbia, consider visiting in March through May or September through October for the longer days and warm springtime temperatures.

The warm season is also an ideal time to experience the city’s outdoors and marvel at its architectural beauty.

Gay-Friendly Activities and Attractions in Gay Columbia

Traveling to Columbia can be an unforgettable and unique experience for many. From appreciating the arts to playing with animals, there are plenty of activities to do and attractions to see when in the city.

  1. Experience the South Carolina Pride – South Carolina Pride should be on every gay traveler’s bucket list when visiting Columbia during pride month. The celebration is celebrated in the city with colorful parades, parties, family-friendly activities, networking opportunities, and more. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the fun, so be sure to mark it in your calendar!

  1. Enjoy culture at Koger Center for the Arts – For all the gay art buffs out there, I’m sure that you already know about the world-renowned Koger Center for the Arts. But for others who have not heard of it: It is the premier center for the performing arts in Columbia, featuring different types of artists from orchestra to dance. The art center follows the preference of groups playing, so be sure to check their event schedule!

  1. Plunge into the wild at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden – More than 2,000 spectacular and magnificent creatures may be found at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, which also has one of the country’s most stunning and inspirational botanical gardens. The lush, 180-acre park offers fascinating natural habitat displays, picturesque river views, breathtaking valley vistas, and important historical sites.

Gay-Friendly Dining in Gay Columbia

While there are not a lot of gay-exclusive dining places in Columbia, the majority of the food establishments are still gay-friendly! Here are the top three food places you should definitely try:

Terra Restaurant

terra restaurant

This chef-driven neighborhood bistro in West Columbia is dedicated to showcasing local produce and surprising the pallet. Their menu is seasonal and updated regularly, and each dish is expertly prepared using time-honored methods to highlight the abundant harvest from nearby farmers and producers.

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small sugar literally

Small sugar is a quaint coffee and pasty shop run by a husband and wife team, together with their trusted pastry chef and baker. Aside from their beverages, they also have a wide array of pastries, including bread, croissants, danishes, macarons, and other rotating seasonal pastries.

They make their food from scratch using local produce, so you can be assured that every bite is as magical and fresh.

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Real Mexico

real mexico restaurant

One might ask, why should I eat Mexican food in Columbia if I can get it at home? Do not judge what you haven’t tried because Real Mexico is a top-notch Mexican food you can’t find anywhere else! For a very affordable price, they offer large portions of tasty wood. 

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Gay-Friendly Bars & Clubs in Gay Columbia

Of course, gay travel will not be complete without visiting gay bars and clubs. Lucky for you who want to visit Columbia, there are many options! Better yet, why choose one when you can go to all of them? Here are the top three bars and clubs you should definitely try:

The Capital Club

mingling at the capital club

For 40 years, The Capital Club has been the home to many gay Columbians and travelers worldwide. More than just drinks, it also organizes various events that will pique everyone’s interest. They currently have a weekly drag show, trivia night, karaoke Thursday, and show tunes Sunday.

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PT’s 1109

pt's logo

PT’s 1109 has been one of the most unique clubs and entertainment bars in Columbia, South Carolina. For more than 20 years, PT’s has been the city’s go-to place for drag shows and live entertainment, offering unique nightly events and promotions that give customers an unforgettable and welcoming experience.

In addition to the events, they also provide unmatched customer service, a long list of beer and liquor choices, and fantastic handcrafted drinks. 

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Art Bar

art bar art

Art Bar wins the title for a gastronomic dining and gay drinking experience. Even culinary snobs will enjoy one of their masterpieces: the Psycho Burger. The bar has a lively yet calm vibe with live music, DJs, drinks, and excellent customer service!

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How to Get to Gay Columbia?

Going to Columbia is straightforward since it has its own airport– the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE). Moreover, the city has an efficient train and bus system that can transport you to any point in the area.

From Canada

Columbia is approximately 1393 km from Canada, making driving a possible travel option. Driving takes around 15 hours, but if you want to save money, you can also take the bus. If you don’t have much time and are willing to spend more, flights are going to Columbia from Toronto and Montreal.

From Australia

Since Australia is on the other end of the globe from the USA, the approximate travel time is 25 hours. There are direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne.

From Italy

If you are coming from Milan or Rome, you are in luck since there are direct flights to Columbia! But for those living in Bologna, you may ride a plane from Bologna Airport to Charlotte, North Carolina. Once you arrive in Charlotte, Columbia will just be one train ride and two bus rides away.

From the United States

Whichever state you are hailing from, it is effortless to travel to Columbia, whether by bus, train, car, or plane! Just search how to go from your state to Columbia online, and choose which route is most convenient for you.

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