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What is Attractiveness?

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” or so they say, yet there are some people universally considered attractive and some not even considered at all. Humans are hardwired to value attractiveness and seek it out. We even receive dopamine when we see attractive people. This is a not so subtle way of our minds trying to steer us to finding the most attractive mate possible to sire the most attractive children. 

How beauty affects our position in society is also clear as beautiful people are more likely to be paid more whilst those who are perceived as less traditionally attractive  are more likely to be overlooked for promotions, blamed for crimes or for other negative outcomes.

 For example it is no shock that during a  trial the jury being presented identical evidence, will usually find it far easier to  pass a guilty verdict to those whom they perceive as unattractive  than people  they found attractive.

Some believe that we as a society are becoming increasingly obsessed with beauty and physical perfection. Similarly, with the rise of celebrity culture, social media and airbrushed depictions of beauty, the bar of beauty that people expect to see rises. We even equate beauty with status and value, whereby if someone is highly attractive we automatically feel that person has more value. Interestingly, the opposite can also seem true where someone appearing rich and of a high status is seen as more physically attractive.   

What Are Conventional Signs Of Beauty?

When it comes to beauty there are outliers and some people might find something attractive that is more unique to them. However broadly speaking there are shared traits of beauty that people largely find attractive. As evidence we need look no further than the billion dollar beauty and plastic surgery industries that try to mass produce and create the same or similar looks.

  • Having symmetry of the face. 
  • Having a high hip to waist ratio in women indicates health and fertility, likewise for a curvy spine. 
  • Flawless skin signifies youth.
  • The Left Side. People find the left side of a face more pleasing.
  • Women who are more doe eye and have youthful childish faces are typically preferred by hetero men. 
  • Hetero women like men who are tall, as height indicates power and status.

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