The 15 Gayest Cities in the US That You Absolutely Must See

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the phrase “gayest cities” is a place where there are a lot of gay people. The definition is similar, but not all gay people live in gay cities – some of them have residents who’s straight.

Apart from the presence of gay people, gay neighborhoods differ greatly from conventional ones in terms of culture and customs. Gay cities may only be found in a few locations, but the vibe, atmosphere, and ambiance they emit are just PURR.

Gay communities vary from one another in the same way as cities do, each with unique amenities for its minority populations and intriguing places to see.

How gay-friendly these cities are might be considered more significant than the high percentages of LGBTQ+ people living there. The cities listed below also perform quite well in that regard.

gayest cities

These are the gayest cities (in the US)


San Fransisco

San Francisco has been the center of the gay community in the US for a long time. Since the Gold Rush, this city has been known for its tolerance; nevertheless, following World War II, the metropolis genuinely turned into a homosexual city.

San Francisco is home to The Castro, one of the most well-known LGBTQ+ neighborhoods in the world.


Los Angeles

One of the nation’s top entertainment cities, LA, has long been home to gay residents.

Gay life existed in Los Angeles for a very long time before it did in most other US cities, despite the Hays Code’s prohibition on references in movies and “immorality requirements” in artists’ contracts forcing them to keep their identities a secret.


Washington DC

Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, is not only one of the most famous cities in the world but also one of the gayest in the country.

The city has a sizable proportion of LGBTQ+ residents, and it is the birthplace of some of the most well-known gay parades.


New York City NY

By now, everyone is aware that gay old New York City is among the friendliest cities in the entire world, let alone the USA. After all, it is the cradle of the American gay rights movement, the home of Broadway, and one of the world’s largest drag scenes.

The outstanding anti-discrimination laws of New York, which were the sixth state in the US to enact marriage equality, provide protection for queer individuals everywhere. Every year, the New York Pride Parade marches down Fifth Avenue before entering Greenwich Village.

The Queens Pride Parade and the Queer Liberation March are also held in the city.



Despite not having a close relationship with the gay community as closely as the preceding three cities, Chicago is home to Boystown, one of the most famous gay neighborhoods in the country.

Additionally, this city is host to one of the first LGBTQ+ parades, which debuted there in the 1970s.


Miami Beach

In addition to being one of the world’s most energetic and fun-loving towns, Miami Beach is well-known in the US for its raucous environment and exciting nightlife.

The LGBTQ+ population in this city is among the highest percentages of any American city, in addition to having the most active gay communities.


New Orleans

Much like the rest of the city’s tourism and entertainment, New Orleans’ gay community focuses the majority of its activities on Bourbon Street. Due to the city’s high concentration of gay bars, it can be difficult to walk a few blocks without encountering one.

In addition to its yearly pride festivities, the city also organizes a few important LGBTQ+ events.



Atlanta is home to the Southern United States’ largest LGBTQ+ neighborhood. As a result, the community is well-represented throughout the city, however, historically the center of LGBTQ+ life in Atlanta has been in Midtown.

Atlanta Black Pride, the largest black gay parade in the world with over 100,000 spectators, is one of the pride marches organized by the city.



Portland, which is noted for having a sizable liberal-minded populace, is well-known for its LGBTQ-inclusiveness, as evidenced by the vibrant community.

One of the gayest cities in America, the city is home to some of the most well-known gay and lesbian bars in the nation.


San Diego

The LGBTQ+ community still relies heavily on San Diego’s Hillcrest, despite the fact that gay communities are disappearing in many other cities.

Hillcrest has managed to hold onto its status as one of the gay centers in California because San Diego has long had various groups, each with its own identities.



Omaha passed a statute that’s been in effect for eight years to stop discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in both public and private settings.

In spite of the fact that much more work needs to be done, this law allows gays to prosper in this city.



Another Californian city made this list because, despite the yearly population growth that is constant, the LGBTQ+ community there is extremely tolerant.

It is one of the few cities on this list where there are still a significant number of LGBTQ+ residents despite a decline in the percentage of the gay population.


Salt Lake City

You might not have anticipated seeing Salt Lake City on our list as it is situated in a conservative state like Utah.

Due to its left-wing stance and acceptance of other cultures and sexual preferences, the city does defy from the trend to some extent, making it a popular place for LGBTQ+ people to relocate.


San Jose

San Jose, one of the most expensive places to live,  has a fairly significant LGBTQ+ community that has grown steadily over the years.

This Californian city provides a welcoming, prosperous neighborhood for LGBTQ+ people to live in, similar to the cities previously described.



The city of Oklahoma, one of the most well-known cities in the Southern Central region of the US, is probably the most unexpected inclusion on the list.

Oklahoma City, which is known for its legendary southern cowboy culture, has the largest LGBTQ+ community in the country’s central region.

In Conclusion

gayest cities conclusion

Except for one or two cities, most of the cities on it are from liberally inclined cities. California, which has five of the cities on this list and was a forerunner in gay rights movement, is by far the most gay-friendly state in the United States.

If traveling and camping is your thing, check out this handy list of the best the USA has to offer. The IGLTA also offers some handy tips for when you travel anywhere as an LGBTQ+ person.

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