What is Marriage Therapy in 4 Simple Points and How can it Save my Marriage

What is Therapy? 11th Oct, 2021

We might all find ourselves in a difficult place in our marriage but is it really so bad to start asking what is marriage therapy and do I need it?

Falling in love and getting married comes with a lot of difficult situations and pressure points. Maintaining a marriage is very difficult. Raising children, having financial problems, working long hours, etc., is part of the process. Learning how to overcome the ups and downs in life together will put pressure on any relationship.

What is marriage therapy

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as much as 40% of marriages end in divorce. Although marriages shouldn’t be like this, many marriages end because they don’t have the tools to solve their problems.

As documented by more than 97% of surveyed couples it was said they got the help they needed from couples therapy.

Like all types of therapy it comes with it’s ups and down but here we ask what is marriage therapy and how it might be what you need to save your marriage.

What Is Marriage Therapy? 

Marriage therapy or couples’ therapy is counseling specifically for marriage and relationships. Marriage therapists are specially trained to help couples diagnose problems and propose solutions. Marriage therapists offer a safe place for couples to discuss their issues, and talk about things that really bother them.

Communication is the key to solving marital problems. In couples’ therapy, partners learn to improve their communication skills, enhance understanding, and understand how couples get along.

Who Should Use Therapy? 

Marriage therapy is often associated with issues. Many people believe that marriage therapy is only for couples who are about to divorce or separate. The truth is that all marriages have their struggles, so most couples can benefit from marriage therapy at some point.

Regardless of their relationship status, any couple can seek therapy. Marriage therapy is suitable for heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Whether you are just starting or have been married for 40 years, you can seek marriage therapy, many opting for it before getting married. Similarly, there are no unique situations that require therapy. Any disputes that you cannot resolve on your own can profit from the perspective of a marriage therapist.

Will The Marriage Therapy Recommend a Divorce? 

Marriage therapists generally do not recommend divorce. Marriage therapists tend to believe that only relevant partners can make this moral decision. Although most therapists come across abusive relationships, they still do not recommend divorce.

They rather take the path of helping the victim break up, and seek help. The point of therapy is to find common ground and rediscover the perks of being together. Therapy is not the end of the road, instead it can be the beginning of a whole new adventure.

What Happens During Marriage Therapy? 

Most marriage therapists encourage both parties to attend therapists meetings. This is the most effective way to get marriage therapy as the therapist needs to see you communicate in order to provide you with tools to improve the communication.

If your partner is unwilling to go or cannot attend for some reason, it is possible to participate in marriage therapists by yourself, and may still yield benefits. You can learn more about yourself and how you feel about the relationship.

Like most therapy courses, marriage therapy is not always emotionally comfortable. While marriage therapy is a safe place where you can share feelings that are not always public, it can be difficult for you and your partner. A common occurrence in marriage therapy is the sharing of solid emotions and often loud arguments.

Your therapist wants to create a space in which both you and your partner can express your feelings, where you can vent. Still, you can also receive instructions on how to communicate and tips for solving future problems.

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