6 Obstacles Couples’ Therapy Can Remove

Common problems a couples’ therapist can help couples with.

What is Therapy? 14th Sep, 2021

People usually seek counseling because they are experiencing some form of obstacles. They seek help to resolve issues related to their relationships. When they encounter conflict and emotional pain in their most important interpersonal relationship, they often find it hard to deal with so they seek professional help to improve it. That way, they can feel good and complete again. Here are some of the more common topics that couples bring for therapy. 

1. Poor Communication: 

Most couples encounter varying degrees of communication problems in their relationships. Couples typically face several issues due to poor communication that leads to misunderstandings or missed signals. Couples’ counsellors can help couples keep their feet on the ground at critical times while using their logic and emotions to better communicate and solve problems. 

2. Sexual Problems: 

Intimacy has a significant impact on interpersonal relationships. Couples need a physical and emotional connection. Humans inherently need to feel needed by their partners. There are many common reasons why couples struggle with sexual problems, including physical issues, emotional problems, relationship problems, trust problems, and so on. Couples need to realise how important intimacy is to their relationship and how it affects their lives. Couples’ therapy not only provides a safe and healthy place, but it can establish a more satisfying intimate relationship. 

3. Addiction: 

Addictive behaviours seem to be more common than ever, ranging from drug abuse to behavioural addictions. It stands to reason that addiction is one of the most common reasons for couples to seek professional help. Historically, drug users were individually sent to some type of intense treatment and/or rehabilitation program, leaving each partner alone in an effort to understand this destructive cycle. In recent years, addiction experts have recognised the need to promote the growth, recovery, and support of addicts and their partners. Ideally, a couples’ counselor can help each member of the couple better understand the cycle of addiction and their relationship’s role in breaking it. 

4. Infidelity:

Infidelity is a fundamental reason for couples seeking help. Recovering from an affair and deciding whether making the relationship work after the betrayal is always tricky. A trained counselor can help couples overcome painful feelings of betrayal, undermined trust, guilt, and shame while addressing weaknesses that can lead to infidelity. 

 5. Mental Health Problems: 

Common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, affect our daily lives and interfere with our relationships. Other mental health problems, such as bipolar disorder, narcissistic characteristics, and trauma, can also interfere with a partner’s ability to maintain healthy relationships. Working with a couple’s counselor can help individual couples to better understand how these issues arise in their lives and relationships. 

6. Grief and Loss: 

Loss is something we all face. It can take many forms, such as a miscarriage or the death of a parent. Not only does the loss itself cause a devastating blow to the relationship, but the way partners express their grief is often very different. A sensitive couple’s counselor can accompany a couple through their grief together and help them draw strength from each other instead of feeling isolated and alone. This way, the couple can learn critical coping mechanisms that help them in the present and can also be helpful for any similar future situation. 

If you are facing some of these issues, do not hesitate to reach out to couples’ therapy. This way, you will learn the necessary skills and mechanisms as a couple to solve most of the issues.

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