3 Signs You Need Couples’ Therapy

When the time is right to try couples’ therapy.

What is Therapy? 19th Jul, 2021

It is common for a couple to feel unhappy and isolated, or perceive that their intimacy needs are unmet. This leads to arguments and, many times, to extramarital affairs. When a couple receives therapy, the extramarital affair is not the main topic, but rather the leading causes that led to it. The same situation applies to other sources of controversy, from financial disagreements to sexual issues. Obviously, couples shouldn’t wait until they are in crisis mode for therapy, but what should they do? 

When Is It Appropriate To See a Therapist? 

Couples should seek treatment long before they think they need it. Most experts believe that treatment can be an essential part of your relationship. Most problems are initially minor but, if they remain unresolved, will grow exponentially in size and severity. This is where treatment can help. It provides tools and techniques to improve conflict resolution. Most of the couples who try therapy say that they should have started treatment a few years earlier. 

Every story has three aspects: his side, her side, and the truth. When couples cannot communicate effectively, a third party may very well be the answer. Rather than seeing treatment as a solution to a crisis, view it as an integral part of a healthy life. Each couple must take precautions to keep the relationship healthy. If couples do not work hard to improve their relationship and emotional flexibility, they will weaken close to the point of rupture. 

What Problems Can Benefit From Therapy? 

Couples receive treatment for various reasons, but the most notable problems include sex, communication, money, and significant life changes. Couples’ therapy is also a good idea if one of you is dealing with a problem that may affect your relationship, or you just simply feel stuck in your relationship. 

Therapy is the perfect place to talk about sensitive topics. Just as people fall into a negative relationship cycle, couples often fall into a negative sexual cycle. When their sex life is worth having, they will have more. We need to explore which blocks exist to create a balance between them. Communication between husband and wife is also a big problem, but simply talking to each other is not the answer. There is communication, and then there is effective communication. Both parties need to feel heard, comforted, respected and cared for. It is fundamental to analyse old communication patterns and replace them with more effective habits. 

What Happens If a Partner Does Not Want To Try Couples’ Therapy? 

This is a fairly common situation in couples’ therapy. How you deal with it will have an impact. Discuss extensively with your partner why you want to participate in couples’ therapy. Don’t just throw it at them and insist that they leave. If you still have questions, please remember that you can participate in the treatment on your own. This alone can produce beneficial effects. Rather than waiting for others who do not want treatment to change, therapy can help strengthen self-improvement and personal growth. Indecisive partners may be impressed by these positive changes and eventually decide to seek treatment. 

If you think your experience with the treatment has piqued your partner’s curiosity, let them know that they can also see the therapist alone. Let them know that a safe zone will be created, and they may change their minds about going to therapy. The ideal scenario is that both of you try couples’ therapy, as it helps to improve the relationship as a whole.

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