Am I Gay Test

Welcome to your "Am I Gay Test"

If you are wondering whether or not you are gay, then this is the test for you.

To be gay means that you are sexually and emotionally interested in those of the same sex. Find out in a few minutes just how gay you are. Though just because you might be gay, this test will also help to see if you are bisexual. Essentially how interested you are in the same sex.

No matter what your sexuality is, it is important to embrace it as it will help you to live a fulfilled life.

How often do you have same sex fantasies (even when you are having sex)?

How aroused do you get when thinking about the same sex?

People you have found yourself with a crush on ...

You imagine yourself kissing and cuddling someone of the same sex ...

If someone of the same sex tells you a flirty joke, you ...

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