Relationship Compatibility Test

This relationship compatability test is designed to get to the core of what your relationship is about and understand if you are compatibile or not.

Many tests want to know if you share the same likes or dislikes, but this isn't about that. This test is about understanding if you are truly compatbile as people.

Tastes change over time, so it's more important to find what your values are that are typically more permenant.

This test will explore how you communicate, how you deal with conflict, what is really going on in your head for coming to do this test, how happy you are and how sexually satisfied you are.

The responses are also more detailed, there is no "yes" or "no" here.

Once you find out how compatible you are, remember there might be some special reason that this quiz does not cover that leads you to be together. But you should always be truthful to yourself.

Do you and your partner communicate well?

How do you deal with arguments?

How often do you think about ending this relationship?

Do you make each other happy?

Are you satisfied sexually?

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