Dom or Sub Test

Welcome to your am I a "Dom or Sub quiz."

So if you are asking if you are a submissive or a dominant, then this will help.

This test is created to discover if you are a submissive, dominant or switch and where you would feel most comfortable in a BDSM relationship.

Once you discover where you are you should read more about the lifestyle and try to find out what kind of Dom or Sub you are.

And if it turns out you are a Sub or Submissive you should feel free to try out "What kind of submissive am I test?"


You see yourself as the one who takes charge.

What you say goes.

You enjoy the feeling of responsibility.

You enjoy the feeling of giving up responsiblity.

Taking the lead feels good.

Deep down I prefer to be told what to do rather than tell someone else.

I want an authority figure I can trust to guide me.

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