Coming Out of the Closet: I Am More Than Just My Identity

Why too much focus on who we are can hurt those around us.

Identity 29th Jul, 2020

It is common in society now to make everything about us. Me, me, me, it’s what we hear. Social media is about our life, our story, and everyone else is reduced to the audience. Is coming out of the closet really worth it? When we focus on only our own struggles or triumphs and expect everyone else close to us just to roll with it, is this brave or is it selfish?

coming out of the closet

Coming Out of the Closet:

There is nothing wrong with living our most authentic life, however there is another side to it. The people we live with and love do not always think the same way we do. We might fit into our own little world perfectly because we hide parts of ourselves and then we reveal those parts that we hide.

We can make those who thought we were one person see us as someone entirely new, and frankly that is scary for them. “Coming out” exemplifies this dichotomy.

While coming out is the most personal and liberating experience a LGBT+ person can personally do, not all are accepting of this seemingly new and sudden discovery. Some will find complete acceptance without a single issue, some will not. If you approach the exercise with compromising realism, the journey may be less traumatic.

Also be mindful of the (admittedly reducing) number of countries where being gay is still not legal:

Remember, not all people are the same, and just as you’re asking someone else to understand, so too must you. Regardless of the result, you will still be you, no matter what. 

On the other hand being unique is difficult. Those who fear revealing their true selves often resent others who do. It is something that takes true courage but if we desire acceptance from our peers and family then we need to embrace all possibilities including that this may be the first step to the rest of your life.

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