How to have Better Sex in a Relationship by using Massage

A massage might just be the best mood setter there is.

What is Massage 22nd Jul, 2020

If you want to know how to have better sex in a relationship by using massage, we’re about to tell you. When setting the mood, there is little that can work as well as a massage. It’s a Friday night and a long week for both of you but you want to be intimate and close to your partner.

how to have better sex by using massage

You want to show them that it’s the weekend and time to relax. So you light the candles, put on some mood music, pour a glass of wine and get out the oil (though it is probably moisturiser. You put down a towel in your improvised spa, and lead your partner inside hand in hand. They shrug and smile and you know you have done well.

Even the anticipation of something can make it special. Certainly not so much effort has to be put into every time you are intimate with your significant other, but being willing to can make things better for them and for you.

Not only does a massage set the right mood, it also puts both you and your partner more in tune with each other’s bodies. By being able to understand exactly what someone likes and does not like, will naturally bring two people closer together and mean that intimate moments can be better than ever.

Only when we have put our guards down are we truly able to enjoy something. Normally there are so many pressures we have to deal with that even during sex our mind is elsewhere, with the kids or the bills.

By including a massage in the bedroom and making a mini spa it can be like a refuge or a mini holiday where only you and your partner are invited. By finding spaces for you and the ones you care about, not only will it include the quality of the time you can have together, it will also demonstrate how much you care.

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