How Much To Tip A Masseur

How much to tip a masseur or to tip at all.

What is Massage 09th Feb, 2022

Before worrying about how much to tip a masseur, decide whether you should tip at all. If you are in an all-inclusive hotel (which typically has a strict no-tip policy) then you simply shouldn’t.

If you are in a part of the world, or a premises where taking out too much money can attract unwanted attention, then you need to keep transactions quick, small, or not at all.

If you are seeking to find a massage yourself though, either in your own home or going to their spa or home, then before giving a tip you need to ask yourself one important question …

tip a masseur

Tip A Masseur

Did the massage deserve it?

A tip is not something that you should simply give because you feel obligated to. If someone charges a fair price, or even a higher price than the usual, and does a fair job, then you are not obligated to tip that person.

If the masseur goes beyond your expectations and puts in the work to make your experience special, then there is no reason not to show your gratitude and give a tip to the massuer.

You might want to try a calculator or base it on your own mood.

How much you tip a masseur should depend on how satisfied you were. A satisfaction scale of 10%, 15% and 20% are the standard tipping choices for all services. The limit however is up to you.

The caveat being that if the price for the massage in the first place was lower than typical, then you can bump up those numbers even more, or tone them down if it was already expensive.

If you make this a regular thing, then you can tip less, as over time you are showing your favour by giving your masseur or masseuse frequent business.

You can still tip a masseur if you want to, but maybe it would be better to max the tip at 20 – 30%.

If you are at a spa or clinic just place the money in the envelope with the therapist’s name on it.

If there are no envelopes, then make sure you hand over the money in cash directly to the therapist. If this seems like it could get them in trouble, try at reception (just be aware, not all the money may make it to them).

For massages in a medical or clinical environment, to tip a masseur may not be expected or even accepted.

If you’re unsure, ask the clinic receptionist or massage therapist whether it is ok to tip a masseur and the associated protocols. If you don’t want to ask in person, call ahead to ask.

It is also handy for staff and fellow patrons to understand that in some countries e.g. Australia, tipping of any kind is not the norm. Sometimes visitors from these countries just need a gentle reminder – but not a lecture.

How Much Clothing

A massage therapist will usually ask you to be as naked as comfortably possible. A massage therapist sees many different kinds of bodies, all in various levels of undress, and are somewhat desensitised to nakedness.

So, if you are thinking of keeping something on, you are not doing it for them, you are doing it for you.

Even if you remove all your clothes, they may offer a loin cloth or a towel regardless, to cover up your most private of areas.

Some prefer to keep underwear on, others prefer to be nude.

Women will typically remove their bras, or at least undo it at the back, so the massage therapist can work on the entire back without a strap or ties in the way. It also prevents getting massage oil or lotion on the bra.

Prior to the beginning of the massage, the therapist will leave the room so you can take off what it comfortable and then lie on the massage table. They will then knock when they are ready to re-enter.

If you are getting a Shiatsu or Thai massage, seek your therapist’s guidance, as these are normally done with clothes on.

What If I Get An Erection

Getting an erection during a massage is neither uncommon nor something to be embarrassed about. Having certain parts of your body, especially towards the groin, stimulated or rubbed can be more than enough to cause visible arousal.

If your massage therapist is attractive to you as well, then it doesn’t take a huge leap for this to happen.

In the case it does, if you are with a professional massage therapist they will most likely ignore it. If they do then you should too as you get yourself back under control.

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What if you can’t afford to tip?

If you can’t afford to tip, don’t worry about it. There is no need to explain your situation, and no obligation. Just have your massage, and say thank you.

Yes it is good to say thank you with your money but sometimes it’s good enough to say thank you with your words.

Show sincerity, this is worth as much as money sometimes.

If you really can’t afford to tip, maybe you can’t really afford a massage either. In which case it’s always ok to get your partner to massage at home.

What if you need the bathroom or to pass wind?

If you need to, then you should let it go. It is unhealthy and potentially harmful to your body to prevent such normal body functions from occurring.

If you absolutely need to go, and want privacy then excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

What if you are unhappy with your massage?

If you are unhappy with your massage then it is better to say something earlier during the massage than just suffer in silence slowing being filled with poison.

By communicating what feels good or what doesn’t the therapist will be able to adapt to your body and give you something you are happy with.

If no matter what the therapist still can’t make you happy, then it is ok to suggest bringing the massage to an end. They might apologise and you will most likely not have to pay.

If this comes at the end, it is better to let your therapist know it wasn’t great. If they still expect payment and you didn’t say anything till this point then you should pay – but don’t tip.

It is a therapists job to give you a good massage but it’s your job to let them know if they aren’t.

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