Working Out: 3 Tips for a Better Body

3 Tips to stay motivated to exercise.

Exercise 29th Jul, 2020

Working out – we have all been there. It’s 7am on Monday and you just spent the last week working out and eating well like you promised yourself that you would, however your eyes are heavy, the warmth of the bed is an embrace you are not looking to give up.

working out

When you finally do get up you look out the curtains and see a wet, cold and miserable day. Before you know it, you are back in bed, after all “you have worked hard”, it’s only fair you are able to take a little time off for yourself, you will do extra tomorrow to make up for it.

Then tomorrow rolls by and you forgot to set the alarm, so you spend the extra hours snoozing. Below we explore some simple solutions and tips to keep the momentum going and achieve the results you are looking for.

Working Out:

Reward Yourself:

Everyone wants to believe that what they’re doing will realise tangible short-term benefits, after all surely the results should be better health and better shape. This end result however is not always immediate. While progress may feel like it’s happening, on closer inspection it’s probably not, igniting old habits and self rewards like junk food and alcohol.

Avoiding this behaviour is paramount to reaching your ultimate goal. By all means, keep a little indulgence for positive reinforcement, but make them along the lines of a special outing or a destination on your bucket list.

Don’t Compare to Others:

We are all at different stages of the exercise journey and there is always going to be a huge difference in visible results between someone who has been on it for years compared to someone who is just about to take their first step. It is not unhealthy to see others as our goals, but by constantly comparing ourselves to others and seeing us wanting is a fast way to decrease motivation.

For example, if you are not seeing results like those you aspire too, the mountain can look so unclimbable that it makes more sense to just give up. By remaining in your own lane focusing on your own growth – seeing how far you have come rather than how far you have to go – it is much easier to remain motivated.

Find An Exercise Buddy:

Humans are much more likely to remain committed to something if we are held accountable by someone else. The reason why there are teachers, managers and supervisors is that most people given the opportunity will not do what they are supposed to, and will find ways to make life as short term easy as possible.

By finding someone who is on the same or similar level to yourself will mean that you can lean on each other when it comes to motivation. When being consistent is the key, mutual motivation will heighten your chances of success. Choosing the right person to share this with will also increase the emotional motivation not to fail.

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