5 Tips To Make Working Out Fun

Working out doesn’t have to be hell. Here are 5 tips to keep things fun.

Exercise 29th Jul, 2020

So it’s time for working out. What’s that feeling welling up inside, is it excitement? No. It’s a combination of disgust, fear and annoyance. Working out is HARD, and it would be so much easier to just find somewhere comfortable to lie down and eat some chips.

working out

After all working out is hardly ever fun and not something that someone would look forward to. Clear proof of this are the number of under-utilised gym memberships. They may not necessarily be cancelled, but they are equally rarely used after week one. So here are 5 tips to have fun and keep enthused about working out.

Working Out:

Don’t Just Do the Same Thing Again and Again: 

Repeating the same sorts of things every week can get dull. Repetition in our daily chores – work, homework, domestic duties – is necessary, but hardly awe inspiring. Whilst routine is important, it often removes any fun aspects. Try to mix up what you’re doing to keep it fun and fresh.

Realise That Working Out Doesn’t Have to Mean Running or Weights:

Just because you see other people doing something to get results, exercise does not have to be limited to just basic cardio or weight training. There are many different types of training and it is a good idea, if you struggle to find enthusiasm, to make it an activity you like. Sports, swimming or even climbing can provide an excellent workout and muscle stimulation whilst not being your everyday workout.

Use Music:

Although some consider listening to music while they work out a distraction, others use high tempo music for stimulation. Listening to music can make the work out more like a party and much less boring.

Make it Competitive:

If working out is difficult for you, then perhaps a gym buddy might be just the answer. By watching their growth and trying to outdo each other can make a much more fun environment. This comes with the added bonus of looking out for each other and adding the anticipation of a social outing to exercise.Be warned however, this advice does not mean a post-work out visit to the local. Clearly that would be counter-productive.

Set Goals:

By setting goals and meeting them you are able to tap into your body’s reward mechanism to spur you on. If for example you can’t do a pushup, make that your goal and feel the sense of satisfaction wash over you when you achieve it. The beauty of goals is that they are personal to you, whether it’s finishing a marathon, getting a medal in a triathlon, lifting 100kg or just being able to run without walking. Hitting lots of small goals will give you the feeling of gaining momentum and you will, no doubt, look forward to the next workout.

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