Who Am I: Why Chasing Who You Are Might Stop You Enjoying What You Have

Live in the now, don’t chase and you might get what you want anyway.

Identity 29th Jul, 2020

Who am I? Everyday, we hear how important it is to know who we are deep down. To forever chase the rabbit hole down deeper until we can gleam just a little truth about who we are. The incentives are everywhere, with more time than ever in history to focus on ourselves it is obvious why.

who am I

Usually when we do not have extrinsic issues or problems we look for them intrinsically. Some people can become so obsessed with solving their deep rooted problems they can make these thoughts the focus, rather than the free and happier resolution they were meant to achieve. 

There is joy or beauty in almost every moment humans experience. Finding beauty does not have to be expensive. A summer day in the countryside, the rain outside and dripping down a roof, flowers, trees and even going on a walk in the city. All of these moments can be amazing and fill someone with feelings of freedom and happiness.

Yet, if that person was going through those experiences and at the same time was stressed about trying to work out who they were, well it could have ruined it.

Who Am I:

Who we are can sometimes best be discovered by realising what it is we love. By being able to enjoy and live in the moment and slowly but surely see what it is we gravitate towards, then we can get an increasing number of clues about who we are. Paradoxically those who chase usually find what they seek running faster in the opposite direction where the fool just might stumble right into what they wanted.

By learning to let go and embrace what we have, we then receive more chances of finding out what we might truly desire. The road to freedom should be about freedom, and by learning to listen to our inner selves, we may just discover who we really are.

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