Sex Problems In Married Couples

5 most common sex problems in married couples.

Relationships 23rd Apr, 2021

When you’re in a serious relationship, sex can often become less intense than in the early years causing several sex problems. In long-term couples, partners usually work more and they simply feel too tired or they don’t have time to do it. If this is your case, you don’t have to be embarrassed; you’re not alone, and there are plenty of possible solutions available. Read below to learn about the most common sex problems and possible solutions.

sex problems

Sex Problems:

1: Your Sexual Interests Might Be Different Than Your Partners:

This is the most common issue experts encounter in the realm of physical intimacy. Normally, one person desires more sex than the other, who is just content with the amount of sex they are receiving. Experts in the field of sex typically take a two-pronged approach. They interact with the person who has a low sex drive to see if there is something they can do to boost it. They’ll also help the person with the higher sex drive to be cooperative with their partner and control their sex demands. It’s not safe when the individual with the higher sex drive adopts a predatory attitude.

2: Not Having Sex At All:

This is not always upsetting for couples. Generally, couples grow accustomed to this given the fact that they used to have a more active sex life. It may be several things: they’re nervous, they’ve become too acquainted with each other, they’re suppressing their sexual appetite, or they’ve been too long without intercourse that they’re now uncomfortable with each other. It’s also quite likely that one of the parties is having an affair. Usually, experts recommend that couples simply try having more sex to see if they still enjoy it.

3: The Passion Has Decreased Substantially:

It is normal for a romantic relationship’s passion to wane over time. People have a hard time maintaining their love for the same person for 50 years. So, you’ll have to be inventive if you want to keep your passion alive. Scheduling “sex dates/encounters” is one tactic you might want to try. This is particularly useful if you and your partner are both busy or if you have children.

If you don’t have innate passion in your relationship, don’t think it’s a problem. It takes time and effort to construct and sustain. A relationship’s level of passion can fluctuate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong as long as you believe it will return and are willing to assist in luring it back.

4: One Partner Is Not Open To Sexual Fantasies:

In certain cases, one partner will have sexual desires that they do not want to share with their partner. They may have wanted to share a sexual dream only to be told they are perverted. Another problem is that one spouse likes pornography and the other does not. Sexual fantasies can be a great way to ignite the spark. Also, it goes a long way in helping couples to learn more about one another.

5: Couples Are Not Inclined To Trying “Open Relationships”:

This is an issue that is affecting an increasing number of couples. They’re usually trying to find out whether it’s really something they think they should do. They may also discuss establishing “codes” for following an open arrangement. Swingers and polyamorous couples are two types of open relationships. Swingers hang out with each other and have sex with strangers, but polyamorous people often have distinct romantic relationships with others.

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