Sex On The Beach: 3 Handy Hints for a Better Sex Life

3 ways to make things exciting again when you are away from home

Holidays and Travel 06th Apr, 2021

The triggers to elevated emotions and the resultant lack of sex within a relationship are many and varied: late nights at work; neck strangling deadlines; sleep deprivation caused by staggered work schedules. Perhaps it’s time for some sex on the beach. When the issues keep mounting up, arguing seems to trump any rational option to communicate. Even the good times pale in significance when what used to be great, exciting and fulfilling feels stale and routine at best. Here are 3 ways to reignite the passion and use your break as a pitstop to your sex life.

sex on the beach

Sex On The Beach:

Go back to basics:

All relationships start from a strong attraction toward each other. Supplementing sex with toys, or roleplaying, are great added extras, but the chemistry is what ignited the spark to begin with. Removing daily stresses brings clarity. It could be something as simple as a look, or how you hold one another or moan. These small things can add up to truly great sex but also act as reminders of all the little things that made you fall in love. Rather than searching for “the” answer in more complicated or exotic fashions like BDSM, you might realise that the spark was never lost, you just lost the ability to see it in one another.

Ironically, the second idea is to spice things up:

Many of us have a more whimsical “let’s give it a go” attitude when away from home. Taking advantage of this is never a bad thing. Lowered inhibitions may lead to experimentation. This does come, however, with a warning. If you find, for example, that a certain toy brings pleasure that was previously missing, be careful not to make yourself too reliant on it. Not only do humans get bored with routine, if you are not able to enjoy things without it, then you may end up being in a worse position than when you started.

Of course, this “toy” can be a metaphor for anything extra you bring into the bedroom (another person, submission etc), but reliance and dependency is often fraught with danger. Bringing variety into the relationship is a good thing, but you should use spice as a topping not as the main meal.

Just have sex:

Action is the great fix. Usually the issue isn’t necessarily a lack of passion, but instead just a lack of sex. Some believe that frequency of sex is a great indicator of the health of a relationship. Whether this is true or not, it is a great way for many to come together and feel close. Like most things, the more you have the more you feel like having. Sex on holiday might feel great only because you might have it everyday, as opposed to the reality of home life where it occurs weekly, monthly or less.

The lack of frequency doesn’t have to diminish the meaning or enjoyment. Be creative. Just like sunrises, we don’t only have to see it once and move on. If anything, sex can be more special as you remember your holiday sex with great fondness. A holiday is an ideal opportunity to understand and calibrate your sex rhythms devoid of the daily stresses, and try to emulate them upon your return home. The reality is there is always time for those who are willing to make it. Priorities are decided by us and no one else.

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