Self Maintenance: 4 Ways to a More Happy and Beautiful You

The inner world affects the outer you.

Attractiveness 11th Apr, 2021

Self maintenance is a vital part of feeling and looking your best. It is incredible how much of an effect it can truly have. While genetics play a huge role in our outer appearance, without care and upkeep our genetically given gifts would not shine so bright if at all. Here are four ways that being happy can mean you are more physically polished.

self maintenance

Self Maintenance:

You Are More Likely To Work Out:

Beauty is cherished, and the more beautiful the more cherished. Why do some people work on a “revenge body” to show their ex, inferring a greater worth since breaking up? Generally speaking, the better shape we are in, the younger we look. Youth is hardwired into our brains to infer fertility. Fertility is one of the fundamentals in the game of special (as in species) propagation i.e we want it.

Happiness manifests a natural desire to do things that are good for us, working out is one of them. As opposed to just the traditional weightlifting at a gym, there’s dance, playing sports or learning a martial art. We are more likely to do the sorts of things that our more negative selves would put till “later” when we are bored of procrastinating. The beauty is that with such activity we are giving our body the chance to lose fat, gain muscle and look healthier.

You Will Sleep Better:

Sleepless nights when we can’t stop thinking about all the demons chasing us or the responsibilities that are going to spell our doom are not great. They can take a terrible toll on our mental and physical state. When we are sleep deprived, our bodies are more likely to create cortisol as our thresholds for patience grow thinner and we become more irritable. Bags will form under our eyes, and our skin can take a haggard, grey and thin appearance.

It is no surprise that a good nights (weeks) sleep can make someone look so much better, as skin gets tighter and yes looks more youthful and more beautiful. Exercising can also improve our posture, meaning we look stronger and fitter. Again, biologically attractive traits.

A Better Diet:

When we feel bad, our brain automatically searches for things that will elevate our mood and bring us pleasure. Once upon a time when food was more scarce, the act of finding food and eating it would have brought immeasurable feelings of pleasure via a high dopamine response. Today, where food is basically easy to get for the majority (high calorie food especially) rather than getting a high just by finding food, the high comes from the food itself.

When feeling down, I don’t think many would reach for the lean chicken breast over a cookie, ice cream or pizza. The trouble is that this breeds a vicious recurring cycle of a food high followed by an equally severe crash resulting in feeling worse than when we started.

All the while, eating more than we should, feeling worse for it and putting on the pounds. When we are happier our food choices are more likely based on necessity rather than desire. A better diet can mean less weight gain (or fat loss), the chance to build muscle (with enough protein), and better skin and hair.

Better General Care:

Moods can seriously affect basic essential tasks like washing our face, brushing our teeth and combing our hair. Sometimes, when we feel like we can’t be bothered to do it, the reason is because of a negative emotional state. Times when we might feel sorry for ourselves, or we feel stressed to complete other tasks that mean we have to take shortcuts when it comes to yourself. When we are in a happy and relaxed emptonal state we are more likely to think about the wellbeing of ourselves and do something about it.

None of this is to say that just because being happy can mean a more physically beautiful you, as many who are beautiful are far from happy. If their motivations are motivated by things like self hatred, insecurity or an inferior complex, just when they give you that million dollar smile don’t think for certain they are not hurting inside. After all, the desire for beauty in itself can be a cut throat and dangerous place.

Apart from sleeping well, all of this doesn’t mean that just because you don’t do a single one of these things (or any of them), you are ultimately not happy or relaxed. What it does mean is that with them, and for the right reasons, given the chance you could feel even better.

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