Relationship Stress: 5 Issues and How to Deal With Them

How stress can affect your relationship.

Stress 06th May, 2021

How do you deal with relationship stress? How does your relationship usually work? You and your partner most likely get along and can thrive together, but what if something goes wrong and one or both of you starts to feel stressed? How does stress affect relationships, and what can you do to fortify your relationship in the face of life’s stresses? Relationship stress can wreak havoc on even the strongest of bonds.

When you start to believe that your relationship is causing you stress, there is a risk of distance, disagreements, and disconnection between you and your partner. Providing consistent support for your partner when stressed, will assist you to learn how to deal with stress and relationships. You will also create a new level of intimacy that will bring you both closer together.

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What Is The Best Way To Comprehend Relationship Stress?

It’s never easy to deal with relationship tension, but it’s a necessary part of life. Even if your partner has consistently been the rock in your relationship, there will come the point when their tank runs dry. You will be called upon to provide all the support and encouragement needed.

What Effect Does Tension Have On Your Relationship?

Stress, according to research, spills over into our relationships, creating a slew of issues. People become distracted, withdrawn, and less affectionate when they are under a lot of stress. Leisure practices are pushed to the back burner, resulting in social isolation. When we’re stressed, our worst characteristics emerge. Since our cognitive resources are exhausted, we become hyper-vigilant and overly sensitive to criticism. We’re more likely to battle over problems we’d usually ignore because we’re irritable. If relationship tension was already a concern, it’d multiply tenfold when external stressors are introduced to the mix.

Stress Affects Men And Women Differently:

Stress affects men and women differently. Variations of stress hormones are one of the primary causes of this. When the body is under stress, hormones called cortisol and epinephrine are released, increasing blood pressure and circulating blood sugar levels. The brain then releases oxytocin, which counteracts the effects of cortisol by calming emotions. 

When men are depressed, they produce less oxytocin than women. This results in a stronger cortisol and epinephrine response. Women are more likely to cope with stress by tending and befriending or nurturing others around them to protect themselves and their children. On the other hand, men produce lower levels of oxytocin, making them more likely to have the “fight or flight” response in stressful situations, either suppressing their emotions and fleeing the situation or fighting back.

How Do You Tell If A Relationship Is Stressed?

When your partner is nervous, how does he or she act? It’s easy to become engrossed in our own worlds due to frantic schedules and daily work-life demands. However, if we lose sight of our partner’s tension, we aren’t talking or bonding. As a result, it’s vital to make an effort to understand when you’re working with a depressed spouse. Women are more likely than men to report physical signs associated with stress, making it more challenging to read a man experiencing high-stress levels. Staying in touch with your partner would allow you to show your love and support. This helps your partner get through difficult times while also improving your relationship.

How Bad Can Stress Be To A Relationship?

Some relationship tension is to be expected, but how much is excessive? The following are examples of a “normative” degree of relationship stress:

  • Occasional misunderstandings
  • Space for growth in communication skills
  • A slight discrepancy in expectations

It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship if these events become the “standard.” A lack of dedication or follow-through is particularly concerning.

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