Positive Thinking: Why Relationships are Better For It

How your inside world could affect the outside world.

Relationships 12th Apr, 2021

Our daily lives are affected by the elements around us – including positive thinking. We choose to either follow the emotion-driven path or one where those feelings are replaced by an improvement of our surroundings for those with whom we share this space. Our ability to affect others is a highly influential trait. Showing kindness and empathy are incredibly attractive attributes. Without allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, being a good person comes with a very low price tag and showing generosity to others will return many positive dividends. 

positive thinking

Positive Thinking:

The place in which we spend the most time is our home. Creating a safe, free and non-judgmental sanctuary is the beginning of building a space where those around us feel worthy. We often forget how great an impact our living spaces have and the feelings of accomplishment and worth they make.

When we feel happy about our achievements, the positive energy we radiate creates a sense of safety for those around us. The more positive energy we release and surround ourselves with, the more we start to feel like the efforts we make in life are worth the trouble. The result of this is the more likely those we care about will follow our example.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Regardless of the initial level of enthusiasm shared by all participants, spending quality time with loved ones can positively affect our self-esteem and that enthusiasm is highly contagious. Our passions for the little things can boost the endorphins in our bodies, helping us to feel satisfied and accomplished. Daily affirmations might seem like a waste in the beginning, but repetitive confirmation of the things that we are grateful for in life can lead to a healthier way of thinking.

A healthy mind means we are less likely to snap or bicker, and more likely to be thoughtful and give the benefit of the doubt. You can try mentioning five things that you are happy about for 21 days. Maybe even think about the things you like, or love, about your partner. It is a method used to condition the brain into producing happier thoughts and, inevitably, more positive emotions.

When we take the time to do acts of kindness and things for others without expectations, we naturally create a sense of gratefulness within ourselves for all the things that we can give without affecting, nor deterring from living, our lives. Doing something for someone unable to return the favour can give us a feeling of hope even if this hope is being created by ourselves. Helping around the house or making dinner is not necessarily a selfless act, as it can feel good to give.

Change always starts with ourselves. Trying to change someone else is futile. We have within ourselves the power to change our mindsets by investing in our own personal progress until we reach a point where we can positively share that progress with others. Seeing the positive impact we have on others can push us into feeling worthy and loved. When we feel happy, we feel able, and when we feel able, we show progress. Let’s take the time to invest in the things that make us feel able, so we can start living happier lives by sharing our light with others and the ones we love.

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