Poor Sex: 7 Facts For Couples

7 Interesting sex facts that everyone should know.

Sex 23rd Apr, 2021

Life is way too short to waste time with poor sex. Sometimes bad sex is beneficial because it shows you what you don’t want, and there would be a lot less to worry about. Once you’re in a relationship, though, the sex should be enjoyable. It’s part of the glue that ties you two together. In this guide, you will learn very interesting facts about sex.

poor sex

Poor Sex:

1. You May Not Have a Lot of Sex Over The Years But The Quality Should Be Improved:

If you happen to be the odd couple who is still going at it like rabbits after years of marriage, you should be proud. In general, the longer you’re together, the less sex you’ll get, which is good as long as you’re always doing the things that make your partner lose it in bed. Also, it is never too late to discover new things to improve your sex life.

2. Everyone Has a Right To An Orgasm:

Equality in the bedroom is also a fact. Thinking that one of your pleasures is more important than the other can lead to anger, which is not good for a relationship. Like an especially vicious virus, resentment can suffocate the soul of a relationship. People in loving relationships value each other’s happiness because having their partner happy makes them feel good, so it’s a beautiful cycle of trying to maintain each other.

3. Maintain a High Level of Compromise Even In The Bedroom:

It’s all about doing stuff that the other person is passionate about, even if you aren’t. Obviously, this does not imply that you should push yourself outside your comfort zone. If you know you’ll never have anal sex until the day you die, but your partner is all about it, you’ll have to put up with it. But, if there’s anything they’re mad about that you’re okay with, even if it’s not your preference, give it to them on occasion. They should extend the same courtesy to you.

4. Your Sex Life Will Be Bad If You Are Not Open To Experimenting:

Humans are living longer than they have ever lived before. That’s nice in general, except when it comes to monogamy since it’s more difficult to remain sexually interested in one person for decades. This is where attempting to bring new items into the bedroom comes in handy.

5. Try Using Sex Toys:

Sex shops can be a haven for happy couples who want to keep their sex lives on track. Looking through the pieces will inspire you to think of new ways to spice things up, such as picking up a hands-free vibrator to use during intercourse or using whips or handcuffs.

6. Sex Is Not Just About Getting An Orgasm:

Even though orgasms are often referred to as the pinnacle of sex, concentrating solely on them can make sex boring. To begin with, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine because you both know which moves make the other swoon. Plus, if you concentrate solely on orgasms, you can overlook other motives for having sex.

7. Don’t Use Sex As a Weapon:

Sex is not a commodity to be traded, nor is it a tool for manipulating others (unless we’re talking about BDSM). Obviously, you don’t have to have sex if you’re angry with your partner, but withholding sex purely to make a point or obtain control rather than attempting to solve an issue is relationship kryptonite.

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