Looking Good: 3 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Have to Mean a Life Without

Does anything really taste as good as skinny feels?

Attractiveness 14th Apr, 2021

When we investigate looking good, the love of food and the desire to be skinny are not necessarily diametrically opposed. Here, we look at how being your desired physical shape doesn’t mean your relationship with food has to be a nightmare.

looking good

Looking Good:

1. Food That Tastes Good Doesn’t Have To Be Unhealthy:

Learning to experiment with different flavours and textures you can find thousands of ways to make food exciting without the need for copious amounts of sugar, oil or salt. Regardless of whether you love fish, meat or even just beans, there are so many ways to enjoy them without frying them in fat. Next time you want a burger, try it light without an extra patty and lose the bun. You could also try a tomato salsa instead of ketchup. The point is, there are ways to make food exciting using natural and healthy ingredients.

Not forgetting new inventions like air fryers that allow you to eat your favourite foods without fat or guilt while maintaining the flavours you like. 

2. Learn Restraint:

A harsh reality for some to swallow is that food doesn’t make us fat, we do. It isn’t always so much what we are eating but how much and how often. No matter what your lifestyle, consume enough, often enough and your body will bulge. This does not mean fearing certain foods, it means exercising moderation. The trouble is that these kinds of foods are very addictive, and addictions form new habits easily. The key is being able to indulge in a controlled manner. Decide how much you want, and stick to it.

To avoid the effects of gluttony ensure that you are not starving when you sit down to enjoy your favourite cuisine or you may end up eating the whole cake instead of just a slice.

3. Be Active:

Calories are not equal in what they can do to the body. An excess of sugar, for example, can lead to insulin resistance where excess lettuce doesn’t. To retain or lose weight we either require a caloric deficit or equilibrium. Our metabolic rate stays largely the same over our lifetimes but does drop. Meaning that if we are at a certain weight for years and eat the same amount as we age we will actually gain weight. The two ways to gain a higher metabolic rate, and therefore more room to eat, without fear of losing weight, is to either actively burn it through some form of exercise, or to passively burn it through a high muscle mass.

Muscle requires energy to maintain after all. This is not a get out of jail free card however. Seeing food as fuel can lead to a bad relationship with food where we always have to do something to excuse what we put in our mouths. Still, broadly speaking, by being active we give ourselves more caloric room to indulge.

There are ways to eat food that tastes good, and still be in great shape. Which ones work for you will only be found in action. So, the next time you are thinking about getting in better shape, realise that though changes will have to be made, it won’t have to be a complete sacrifice to get there.

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