LGBT+ Workplace Rights are Protected by The Supreme Court

Maybe this ruling could help the LGBT+ community.

Identity 22nd Jul, 2020

The Supreme Court on June 15th, 2020 ruled that gender identity or sexual orientation are protected characteristics under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Pride 365, CEO Jack Mizel said. “This is a true step towards LGBT+ inclusion in the greater society and the workplace. Though on top of being able to protect the LGBT+ community this could also go a long way in helping mental health amongst the community.

After all, Sexual and gender minorities are twice as likely to experience a serious mental health concern. Being part of a minority is hard, with pressures that most people wouldn’t even know existed. Part of that was the uncertainty that you might lose your job just because you are not gender or heternormative. 

This meant that even those who were not going through this problem would still have this hanging over their heads. It is this kind of grey area that can mean a lifetime of perceived oppression that over time takes its toll. Hopefully with this decision and more of them the LGBT+ community can feel certain of their future and their positions and therefore will feel less external pressures.

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