How To Identify Attraction: 3 Signs You Are Still Attracted To Your Partner

3 easy indicators that the spark is still alive.

Relationships 29th Apr, 2021

How to identify attraction, this is the question. When faced with a stressful situation, the metaphorical butterflies you felt fluttering around your stomach were probably part of your body’s fight or flight response, similar to an adrenaline rush. This feeling is interpreted differently depending on the situation, which is also how you knew that you were drawn to someone. According to researchers, your body redistributes blood and oxygen from your stomach, which would have been in rest and digest mode, to your limbs in preparation for a frightening occurrence, such as talking to your crush. In this article, you will learn three necessary signs how to identify attraction, particularly in regard to your partner.

how to identify attraction

How To Identify Attraction:

1. Thinking About Them Makes You Feel At Ease And Good About Yourself:

Negative thoughts and the influence of negative emotions are reduced when you think about a loved one. If thinking about your partner helps you deal with stress or anger, it may be a sign of affection. When things get hectic at school or you’ve had a really trying week at work, where does your mind go? If daydreaming about your partner helps you feel better when you’re down, you have deep feelings for them.

2. Whenever He/She Touches You, You Feel Good And Safe:

Receiving physical affection from a loved one can help you feel less stressed, anxious, and even in pain. This decrease in pain is linked to activity in the brain’s ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which often reacts to memories and feelings of a loved one. The findings showed that touch could be used to interpret appreciation, compassion, and affection. Experts also agreed that friendly contact patterns, such as handshakes, essentially deactivated stress-related brain regions. Now you know why your partner’s fingertips lying on your body can go a long way into helping you feel better.

3. You Get An Urge To Smile Whenever You See Him/Her:

This isn’t just a symbol of physical attraction; it’s also a sign of a deeper bond. According to studies, merely looking at a photograph of a loved one can relieve tension, encourage positive thinking, and alleviate pain. In a study of 25 women, a group of scientists found that when people look at a picture of their partners, they experience less pain or discomfort. The study emphasises the role of social relations as active agents in our support networks. It turns out that they don’t need to do anything, as long as you can see their face or imagine their smile.

Staring into your lover’s eyes will also help you to synchronise your heartbeats. The answer, which is stronger in women than in men, indicates that two people who are attracted to each other have more empathy for one another. So, essentially, you are experiencing what your partner is experiencing, which is most likely a slew of butterflies. It’s funny how it was always that easy.

Attraction is a very interesting aspect of any relationship. It must be your intention to keep it turned on. Instead of waiting for your significant other to do it for you, you should consciously put passion into your relationship. As a person, you must actively follow your own passions. You must accept that desire shifts and evolves throughout a lifetime together, and that this is perfectly normal. Allow it to reshape, twist, shrink, and expand, but don’t allow it to die fully. Accept that your body, as well as your partner’s, can evolve over time, and don’t let sexual attraction get in the way of enjoying your relationship or sex life.

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