How Play can Lower Stress

How play can lower stress and other life saving advice.

Stress 03rd Jul, 2020

How play can lower stress and help overcome the responsibilities and demands of everyday life is vitally important to both your mental and physical health. If left unchecked, these can easily manifest into constant worry. Car payments, mortgages, kids or just work assignment deadlines can pile up to the point where every waking moment is either work or anxiety over the workload.

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There is nothing wrong with productivity, but a balanced work/play life is important for your physical and mental well being.

Above all else: one should work to live, not live to work.

Life is more than just a sum of all the things we have to do and for many a mixture of the things that we want to do. Having fun, or having something fun to look forward to, gives reason to tasks that would otherwise feel like we are a rat trapped inside a maze. With seemingly no way out and no reason to actions other than finding a way out. Although the rat analogy could be seen as negative it is not inaccurate and potentially a good thing.

If there are enough lumps of cheese, enough time to take a rest, enough friends to play around with others suddenly the maze doesn’t seem so bad. This is the same as life by finding what could be seen as simple distractions. What they are matters less than the relief they provide. After all freedom is seldom something someone finds in the outside world but within us.

The freedom comes from living in the moment regardless of our situation.

We live in a society that promotes hard work and rising to the top through being the hardest working person that we know. This is all good and well but it is important to note that success earned is not really measured by hard work but in fact by valuable work.

Anyone can grind away hour after hour.

Returning to the rat analogy, a rat could run its heart out every day but if it is just in a turning wheel, it’s not going anywhere. This is part of the reason why some people who work one day a week make more than some people make all year.

By taking time off to focus on what we love and enjoy it is far easier to find a reason to do the tasks that we have to do. By constantly reminding ourselves of the fun side of life we will be more creative in finding ways to get back to it and find ways of doing less of it, or having more passion to find more value in it.

It is through finding what we love that we are able to find the motivation to break free from what we don’t or giving new focus and perception to break up the status quo. Many people live in a constant drudge, trudging from one day to the next, it is with play and letting us enjoy life that we can find better ways to work.

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