Handy Hints To Deal With An Addicted Partner

Things you need to do when your spouse is addicted.

Addiction 27th Sep, 2021

Anyone in a compromised relationship with a person suffering from addiction is on the path to a toxic and destructive termination. The only alternative is to help the addicted partner get clean. In some relationships, addiction is not something that stands out immediately. Regardless of the drug or drink of choice, the most crucial thing should be the detox process. When a person is dependent, they will choose drugs or alcohol before his/her marriage, before his/her companion, before his/her children, before everything. 

When a partner is actively dependent, it can be challenging to recognise or remember the person you fell in love with. While it could take years to find out what is really happening, there may be numerous symptoms on the road. Watch out for missing money, job instability, frequent absences from family meetings or events, and so forth. There are several unforeseen challenges in marriage, when one of these is dealing with an addicted partner, it can be very difficult.  

What To Do If Your Spouse Is An Addict? 

When the dependence takes control of a marriage, you can barely recognise the person you fell in love with once. Maybe they were once sustained and loving, but now they are not available, physically or emotionally. 

Their mood and behaviour keeps the whole family walking on eggshells. If you find yourself married to a person in functional dependence, you need to consider, and do things, if you plan on saving the marriage. 

1. Avoid Denial:

Addiction is harrowing, to say the least, but to top it all off, a massive stigma surrounds it. As a consequence, family members and friends often have a rose-coloured view of what is really happening with their loved one. It is always easier to pretend that there is no problem, however, doing it won’t help your spouse or you. If you let it, the addiction will take control of your health and your well-being. 

2. Read Up On Addiction:

Do you remember the person with whom you fell in love? They still do exist. Addiction is a disease and a family illness at that time. Living with addiction harms the life of the person who uses and his/her family. It is essential to learn everything you can about the disease. It is advisable to read valuable information online. Also, consider talking to a specialist in expert treatment that helps families every day. When you speak to a specialist, you can get a clearer image of your relationship and unique situation.  

3. Don’t Let The Addiction Beat You:

Remember when we mentioned that addiction is a family disease? Don’t let the addiction influence you. It is a disease that will affect you, any child you may have, and any other person at home, not least of which the experience of a series of unhealthy emotions. It is common to have panic attacks when they don’t call or go back home. You will get outraged when discovering that your spouse is using again, when sometimes they can’t even control it. You can get obsessed with their every move. Unfortunately, when the focus of your life is centred on someone else, you cannot concentrate on your own life or goals. People who love those in active dependence are often found affected by another disorder: codependency.

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