Handling Addiction Within Relationships

Is It Healthy Being In A Relationship With An Addict?

Addiction 01st Sep, 2021

You may be wondering what it feels like to be in a relationship with an addict, or if it is possible to have a relationship in the first place. The first possibility is if you have established a relationship with someone before they become addicted, now you are living that scenario. Many people disagree that addicts and relationships are two things that can be combined. There are also cases where two people are addicted, so the question may be whether the two addicts can maintain a healthy relationship. To better understand these topics, it is important to understand addiction and its impact on interpersonal relationships. 

How Addiction Affects Interpersonal Relationships: 

There is nothing more critical to drug users than the drugs or substances they use, regardless of the specific circumstances, when it comes to drug addiction and interpersonal relationships. The destruction of drug addiction is mighty and affects everyone around the addict. It usually starts out as recreational drug use and then becomes a total addiction. People who are in love but become involved with drugs can experience a dramatic change. They can become alienated and selfish and only worry about the subsequent drug use. Although using drugs is an option, addiction is a brain disease that changes the cognition and behaviour of addicts in profound ways. They are driven by the psychological needs of continuous drug use and their physical, drug, or alcohol-related needs become their top priority. 

Having a Relationship With An Addict Is Not Usually Successful:  

As long as an addict uses drugs and does not receive help, maintaining a romantic relationship is almost impossible. Addicts will do their best to keep using drugs, including lying, cheating, and stealing. Addicts can also engage in dangerous or illegal behaviours that affect their partners, and often have no worries about things like establishing relationships outside of their primary relationship. Addicts are good at manipulating and deceiving because this is how they continue to fuel addiction. You may find that if you have a relationship with a drug addict, he/she will become a completely different person from the person you first met. 

People can try to maintain a relationship with an addict, especially if they love them enough. Many people still trust that they can repair or heal addicts somehow, but this is not usually the case without professional help. 

Can Two Addicts Have a Relationship? 

When two addicts have a relationship, they are more likely to continue to passively allow each other to do drugs. It is easy to persuade the other person to continue using it with you. Both partners may live in an imaginary world driven by their addictive behaviour. When two addicts are in a relationship, they may need someone outside the relationship to intervene. 

If you become an addict in a relationship with another addict, you must first focus on your own recovery. You need to undergo personal treatment and break the interdependence between you and your addicted partner. You should be able to support your partner’s recovery, but don’t take responsibility for it. You also need to identify patterns of interdependence and learn to build healthy relationships. In the end, the answer to whether you can establish a relationship with a drug addict is no, they are not a healthy person, at least not when they consume it. You can, however, continue to have a relationship with the drug addict after treatment. In the treatment and rehabilitation process, addiction factors need to be addressed first. Then a couple can continue to make progress on how to rebuild the relationship itself.

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