Habits: 3 Essential Ones You Can Start Today

Why giving now will mean results in the future.

Attractiveness 15th Apr, 2021

Every day that goes by is another day where you are either breaking or reinforcing habits. It is a strange thing to think that your life is almost like rails, each day another line of track, your momentum building til the eventual end. Though strange, it is a wonderful realisation because once we do we see that, we have the ability to alter the track that is in front of us.

Although some people are naturally lucky or not, there are no guarantees. Habitual factors like smoking almost always realise a much different outcome than a lifetime of healthy eating. Here are 3 simple habits to start now to give yourself a greater probability of a better outcome. 



Drink Water: 

It is surprising how few people drink enough water. The abundance of safe drinking water (in the first world) is redundant if consumption is met with such resistance. Why is something that is imperative for our survival considered such a task? Simply, water doesn’t excite our dopamine receptors as much as the blood sugar surge we can get from eating or drinking other liquids.

The benefits of drinking more water include being less tired, having better and fuller skin and being able to perform better in all physical activity. It is amazing how often we will feel hungry and seek food when we are mistaking the signal from our bodies that we were actually thirsty. This is most obvious when the food we seek is sweet or refreshing. Go and drink some water right now. See how it fills your mouth, your throat and your stomach. It feels refreshing and is literally cleaning your body of toxins.

These so-called “detoxes” are little compared to the purifying effects of water. It is hard to drink too much water. Think about investing in a single giant bottle that you can drink every day. Start working on the habit today and you will not regret it.


The good, or bad, habits you form today will literally shape your future. Regardless of the physical or cosmetic attributes one may possess, a life lived with alcohol abuse, little sleep, no exercise and huge caloric intake, will show tell tale signs in the future. The speed to which that happens can vary widely and depend on factors like genetics, but this only elongates the inevitable.

The way you look now does not need to be permanent. Adopting habits of those of whom you wish to look, will accomplish your goal, regardless of genetics. Avoiding the pitfalls of frustration and adopting a steadfast determination will see your journey come to fruition. If only baby steps, the important part is you just start. There is always another tomorrow, but there is only one today.

Replace a Bad Habit With a Good One:

We all have vices to varying degrees. Giving them up however takes a lot more than just willpower. Admittedly, contrary to the teachings of religious institutions, humans are not built to defy our own urges. For the majority of us, giving something up just “because it’s good for us” isn’t going to cut it, so when we do give something up, it’s important we find something to replace it. Many ex alcoholics, for example, choose a lesser poison option by turning to sugary food to recreate the dopamine rush they once were able to get.

On the other hand, smokers who choose to exercise instead are finding a healthier lifestyle choice incompatible with their former habit. This minimises the chances of returning to the old one. Whichever you choose though, the really important factor is that it is something you enjoy. Doing things you enjoy, that are also good for you, can have a profound impact on your self worth and general mood, increasing the chances of duplicating this in other parts of your life.

When you seek out new and positive things, you will naturally grow out of your worst habits as you create new ones. Trying is the key to a greater chance of success.

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