7 Ways Exercise Benefits the Body

7 benefits of exercise.

Exercise 29th Jul, 2020

Why does exercise come with such a high recommendation? Although exercise benefits are evident at any age, the importance of exercise increases with longevity. Below are 7 benefits of exercise and why you should give it a go.

exercise benefits

Exercise Benefits:

Better Sleep:

If you ever find yourself lying in bed and your mind is racing and your body is agitated perhaps it is time to think about exercising. The tiredness that comes from doing something as simple as going for a run can relax your body in preparation for sleep. This comes from when we were hunter gatherers and lying around all day was not the norm and so we are left with a lot of unused energy that can keep us awake at night. Finding a healthy way to release this energy will help you achieve a longer, more satisfying sleep.

More Energy:

Contrary to popular belief, regular exercise will boost your energy levels. Extended periods of the lack of activity will put your body in a rested state, resulting in you doing less. Alternatively, stimulating the body into a state of alertness will see your energy levels exponentially increase and remain accordingly. 

Stay Cool and Be Less Likely to Get Riled Up:

Sometimes when we are sedentary and more tired throughout the day we are more likely to bite and be put into a negative mood. This is because our brains are not as awoken as they would otherwise be and so our tolerance to situations is reduced. By ensuring the body and mind are fully awake and not pent up you are more likely to keep your cool.

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Keep Insulin Levels Controlled:

Exercise is good for both the mind and the body. Exercising can improve your circulation and lower blood sugar levels. This can help ensure you don’t develop heart related issues or type 2 diabetes. 

Feel Good:

Exercise triggers the release of feel good peptide hormones known as endorphins. When these are released in the body they can cause you to feel less stress and anxiety, a higher sense of self-esteem and even help to alleviate depression. 

Increase Your Chances of Living Longer:

Not only does keeping weight down and helping our blood sugar and cardiovascular systems have positive effects on our rate of mortality, exercising can also indirectly help us live for longer. With a reduction in the chance of falling as we age, it can mean a safer journey through the obstacle course of life.

Keep the Brain Sharp as You Age:

Engaging in exercise will cause the body to release proteins that help promote a healthy and sharp mind when it comes to problem solving and even memory.

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