6 Tips for a Better Body Sooner

6 Tips to get results from your workout.

Exercise 29th Jul, 2020

If you observe these 6 tips for a better body sooner, you will look and feel your very best. Are the desired results proving elusive even though, month on end, you’re putting in the hard yards? Rather than giving up, there is usually something fundamental that is stopping you from seeing the results that you should be seeing.

Progress is never overnight but it can be amazing what can be done in a month, three and certainly a year. Here are 6 tips to get the most out of working out and what may be blocking your progress.

a better body sooner

6 Tips for a Better Body Sooner:

Your Diet is Not Helping You:

Nutrition is more important than working out to see results. Yes, you are never going to grow huge muscles just from eating but you are not going to gain muscles without it. By eating well, limiting your intake of refined sugars and alcohol, and maintaining ample protein levels for muscle synthesis, you will see the best results.

You Are Doing Less Than You Think:

Whether it is you not being consistent enough or the actual working out you are doing, if your goals are to gain muscle then you might not be shocking your muscles enough to cause them to micro tear. By going through the motions you will do little to actually gain muscle, strength or even flexibility.

Ensure that when working out you push yourself, and if you want you can even try filming a workout and seeing what you are doing. If you see yourself spending more time on your phone or taking it easy this might be a clue as to why things are not going the way you expected them to.

You Are Drinking Too Much:

Alcohol is not only fattening it also,  limits your body’s ability to turn protein into muscle. Avoiding it both during and after a workout will ensure the best results.

You Are Not Taking Time to Recover:

Although it is during a workout that we stimulate our muscles it is during the recovery that they are allowed to grow. When you overtrain you risk placing the body into fatigue and denying its ability to heal and replenish.

This can have serious ramifications. Make sure to take enough time off to let your body recover to get the most out of the hard work you are putting in.

Your Workout Has No Variance: 

Our bodies are highly adaptable and will resort to shortcuts if repetitive behaviour is detected. As our fitness and strength levels increase, we also have to lift the bar to keep our achievement levels at a challenging height.

By ensuring an incremental challenge level and constant flexibility, we have a greater chance of preventing the body from becoming complacent, ensuring the optimum results.

You Are, You Just Aren’t Seeing It:

Progress is not always obvious. Cardiovascular health and the replacement of body fat with muscle are not easily noticeable by the eye. If you are doing the right things however progress will be made and these will notice them over time.

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