8 Tips To Give Your Partner A Good Massage

Techniques to help make your couples’ massage a success.

What is Massage 12th Jul, 2021

A massage is a great way to release stress, solve physical problems and relax. According to experts, however, most people receive professional massage to control their health and pain. Despite this, people still use them for relaxation and stress management. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give a massage to your partner? Here you have some tips to make the occasion memorable.

Choosing A Location: 

The bedroom is the first choice. When placing your partner on the bed, make sure to surround their body with enough pillows to support their knees or elbows. This prevents cramps or discomfort. 

Set The Mood: 

You want an environment conducive to relaxation. So, no matter where you are, the temperature and other adjustable sensory details are all keys. Light a scented candle and make sure the room is comfortable and warm. 

Choose A Good Massage Oil: 

Choose a suitable massage oil or lotion. Don’t just use a regular body lotion. Pick one that has a super-emollient effect. You also don’t want anything super slippery, which reduces skin contact. It is recommended to heat the oil so that the initial contact is not so surprising. Heat some water in a container and place the bottle of oil or lotion in the container. 

Always Remember That You Are Not A Professional: 

Even if you are not a trained masseuse, you will add a sense of emotional intimacy that your professional counterparts lack. So don’t feel pressured about it. In short, your personal touch is the most crucial part of this massage. 

The First Contact Is Essential: 

First, let your partner lie on the ground. You may want to put a pillow under their chest for comfort. Ask them to rotate their heads regularly to avoid neck pain. Even if you have never given a massage before, it is vital to maintain confidence. The first time you have a lot of signs. So be confident, serious, and enjoy what you are doing. They can sense your intentions. Find your rhythm and breathe. If you are nervous, they will feel it too. 

Begin By Slowly Massaging The Back: 

Stand by the bed, place your hands on the shoulders and begin. Continue to apply the oil to the entire back and apply it to the spine’s muscles without putting pressure on the spine. When you reach the end of the spine, move around the waist as if you were about to grab it. Set the tone and rhythm and transform it into comfort, security, connection, and relaxation. 

Let Them Roll Onto Their Backs: 

Now, if you are still doing this, please let your partner lie on their backs. This will relieve the neck tension caused by lying on the stomach. This change in position may modify the mood of the massage and provide more complete access to all parts of the body. A massage is an excellent way to discover many erogenous zones on the body, often used by partners. 

Pay Attention To The Feet: 

Rub the feet between your hands. Place your thumbs on the inner arch and the top of your hands along the top of their feet. Use firm pressure and rhythmically move at the same time. If your partner feels tickles, apply more pressure. The softer your touch, the more delicate it will be. Now grab one foot at a time with both hands. Use one hand on both sides of the foot, and your thumb on the bottom, as if you were holding a sandwich. Move your hands up and down while squeezing any tension. Then switch to the other foot and repeat.

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