7 Basic Facts About Couples’ Massage

The answers you need to book a couples’ massage.

What is Massage 11th Jul, 2021

If you’ve found your way to this article, you may have heard of couples’ massage, but you may still want to know what couples’ massage is, what happens during a massage, and how to do it. Stick around to learn some more!

What Is A Couples’ Massage?

A couples’ massage is a relaxing activity. You and your loved one lie on two separate beds next to each other and enjoy a massage. There are two masseurs, one for each. Like any different massage, a couples’ massage can include relaxing music, aromatherapy, or candle lighting. These massage sessions are usually shared as gifts between romantic partners, but they don’t have to. 

Can You Eat Before The Massage? 

It is okay to eat in advance, but at least one hour in advance, so you won’t be lying on your stomach. 

Are Spas Only Reserved For Massages? 

Many spas include free use of saunas, swimming pools, gyms, and other facilities. If it is included, then you absolutely use it! In fact, many people end up paying for a day in the spa but do not use these facilities. If it is a hotel spa, there may even be a restaurant. 

Do You And Your Partner Have To Receive The Same Treatment? 

No! Like single massage, couples’ massage should include one-on-one consultation with a masseur. People usually have personal needs for their bodies. Some may have pain in the spine; others may have undergone knee surgery and want to take care of their legs. This is not just an area of ​​focus. Couples can request different pressure points. If one just wants to relax, a Swedish massage may be enough for them. If the other person wants a more therapeutic treatment, you should go deeper and do a sports massage. 

Can You Include A Plug-In? 

The spa may not have a problem with this. Has your partner been particularly nervous at work recently? Then ask about aromatherapy, as scented oils can help calm the mind better than massage alone. Is it a freezing day? Try adding hot stones! You can ask what kind of plug-ins are available and then just plan a perfect couples’ massage. You can have a more meaningful and more profound connection with your partner by choosing a suitable plug-in. Therefore, be smart about your choices.

Will There Be Champagne? 

This is quite possible. Many spas offer champagne with the couples’ massage but pay attention to intake before and after treatment. If you drink late, it will affect you more quickly because your circulatory system runs faster. It is okay to drink a small amount of alcohol, but be sure to drink plenty of water. 

How Much Is The Massage?

This varies wildly depending on the spa, but it can cost as low as $30, while others more than $100. Sticking to the in-between is a friendly bet. You don’t always want a cheap massage that won’t satisfy your needs. If you have the money and want to surprise your partner, get a special massage. Pick some plug-ins, get some champagne and enjoy the experience.

A couples’ massage can do wonders for your relationship. If you haven’t tried it before, then it is time to give it a try. Once you are done, you will see what you have been missing and how it can benefit your romantic relationship in a good way!

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