6 Ways Couples’ Therapy Can Solve Your Problems

Common relationship problems couples' counseling can help with.

What is Therapy? 12th Sep, 2021

Seeking couples’ therapy can be scary, and make your relationship feel doomed. Common relationship problems exist in all relationships. Although every couple is different, the root of the problem lies in one of these common relationship problems. Here you have some online therapy advice to learn about the most common issues that can be solved in therapy: 

1. Negative Communication: 

It is from the moment positive communication disappears from your relationship, that regaining it becomes difficult. Negative communication includes anything that makes a partner feel frustrated, insecure, neglected and the like. Negative communication is not only conversational. Non-verbal forms include the deliberate lack of eye contact or ignoring your partner when they are talking. 

2. Infidelity: 

Whether both parties want to cheat, or one of them has had an affair, it is not impossible to rebuild relationships after breaking this trust. It requires a lot of work though, with both partners committing to attend the treatment and be open and honest both inside and outside therapy. In couples counseling, the Gottman method can be very effective. Partners must understand their emotional needs so that these can be healed. If you find an affair, find a therapist who uses emotional concentration therapy. 

3. Being Lonely: 

Sometimes, couples behave more like roommates than romantic partners. This does not mean that someone has done something wrong, nor does it mean they have to start doing everything together. Sometimes the distance that forms is due to daily life blocking the romantic connection. You may feel that you have lost the enthusiasm that once brought you together. Fortunately, when both of you focus on what each other needs, you can rebuild your friendship and intimacy with your partner. 

4. Unsatisfied Emotional Needs: 

We can all temporarily hide our feelings, but they are always ready to surface. You may feel resentful, disappointed, or hurt because of what your partner did a few years ago. As we grow, we don’t always learn to understand how we feel, let alone seek out what we need from others. Due to unmet emotional needs, distance often begins with a relationship. 

5. Staying Together For The Children: 

If a couple thinks it is wise to stay together for the children, it is time to seek treatment. Couples often believe that children should have two partners at home. Two loving and caring parents can indeed create a conducive environment for children, but being in an unloving relationship also affects children in many ways. Every relationship requires effort. If they want to be together for their children, they can learn to fall in love with each other again. 

6. Intimacy Problems: 

This is a prevalent problem that couples face after several years together. It is vitally important to separate sex from intimacy. Establishing routines that focus on developing intimacy is the key. These routines can go a long way to proving to your partner that you still have feelings for them. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. You can set aside time for massages or showers together. You can even leave notes in their lunch box. Taking time to focus on these rituals won’t be as natural as when you first met, but it is as important as making time for anything else in life.

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