5 Benefits Of Couples’ Massage and Tips To Do It At Home

How couples’ massages can improve your relationship.

What is Massage 04th Jul, 2021

A couples’ massage is one of the most classic Valentine’s Day gifts. Spa manuals describe it as a relaxing and romantic self-care experience for couples to enjoy together. This indulgence actually brings many benefits, not only for your physical and mental health but also for your health. A couples’ massage creates an experience connected with softer energy rather than that which drives us into the outside world. A massage allows each partner to experience a low heart rate by eliminating the urge to engage in physical activity or anxious thoughts, thus allowing everyone to experience peace and tranquility in their partner’s presence. 

1. A New Experience To Try Together: 

We are aware that many people have not ever experienced a massage. As a solo exercise, it is often considered an uncomfortable or overwhelming experience. A couples’ massage is a great way to introduce different contributing factors to your overall physical and mental health. 

2. Strengthen Your Bonds: 

Memories or emotions drawn from life events are strengthened when shared – particularly those of a positive nature. Enjoying new or refreshing things with people close to you can deepen the bond you share. As a result of the clear change in mood that sharing a massage with your partner achieves, it may very well lead to a more intimate and healthy relationship. 

3. Create a Lasting Sense Of Intimacy: 

Emotional bonds are deepened and strengthened when you share a relaxing and peaceful time with your partner. A massage also increases the levels of certain chemicals in the body, such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, all related to satisfaction, pleasure, and physical attractiveness. It then stands to reason that a couples’ massage may produce more affection for each other over a longer time. 

4. Break The Routine: 

Whether at home or in the workplace, everyone needs time to relax and get rid of the stress of daily life. During the massage with your partner, the two of you can spend time in a place purely for your enjoyment and relaxation. Even staying in such a place for a short period can eliminate all kinds of pressure that you share at the moment. 

5. Spend Time Together: 

With daily life, it may be difficult for couples to find time together. Although couples’ massage may not be considered as “solitary time” with your partner, it is an opportunity for both of you to talk and reconnect in a relaxed environment. Organising a couples’ massage, guarantees a way for you to enjoy each other’s company in a more manageable way.

Tips For Creating a Beautiful Couples’ Massage Experience At Home: 

Suppose you are planning a romantic Valentine’s Day at home. You have decided to give yourself a massage as a couple. What should you do to get the most out of your experience? Here are some tips:

  1. Get Your Favourite Food and Beverages: 

A massage is a fantastic way to relax, reduce stress, and strengthen feelings. Order delicious food and drinks ahead of time. Suppose you want to know whether to eat and drink before or after the couple’s massage? In that case, most therapists recommend that you indulge in food and (especially) drinks after the massage. 

  1. Choose a Suitable Space: 

Choose a private room with a massage bed space. Approximately ten x twelve feet of space should be more than enough. As you wear lighter clothing during a massage, you can increase the heat by a few degrees if you have such temperature control.

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