3 Tips to Loving Stress

Why these 3 tips to loving stress might be your best friend.

Stress 03rd Jul, 2020

If you start with these 3 tips to loving stress, your life will be infinitely better for it. The majority of people would advise that overwhelming, and often debilitating, stress is something to avoid at all costs, and that only by removing oneself from the situation can true clarity and problem solving occur.

Others however find strength from their stress which fuels their motivation to achieve. Here below we look at 3 techniques and insights to use that stress to become beneficial and productive.

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Realise That Stress is Complicated:

Being stressed out is complicated. Sure, when you are stressed out you might be filled with cortisol (the stress hormone) but you also will probably experience dopamine (a feel good hormone). This is why some people can even get addicted to stress!

Stress from an evolutionary perspective was not something designed to just shut us down whilst a predator could eat us, it was designed to create a crisis moment where we are compelled to act for immediate, short term, relief.

Like a fight or flight response, Realising that stress can be good for your motivation, and is a natural catalyst and reaction for resolving the cause of your stress, this change of perspective can lead to new patterns of behaviour and a higher chance of using stress as a fuel and avoiding shutting down.

Learning to Channel:

Being able to focus or channel your energies into one thing takes practice. Just because something is simple does not make it easy. Some will find this easier than others as the key is to keep the mind on the problem with a goal of solving it rather than escaping it.

Being able to tackle life’s problems takes courage, but you can, in some ways, trick the mind into being more courageous by focusing so much on the task at hand that you didn’t spare space in your thoughts to ponder on “what could go wrong.”

Focus is the key to channelling your emotions and like a muscle it will improve with effective and consistent use. Then when developed, the next time you feel stressed you might welcome it and the opportunity for growth it provides.

Putting the Energy Into Something Fun and Rewarding:

Instead of just embracing stress, try using the pent up energy for sex or exercise. Both activities release endorphins. In a relationship, sex is a bonding experience which, although not relaxing, burns the stress away like a fuel.

This kind of approach might be more attractive for some who are not ready to use stress as a fuel to solve the problem directly, but instead focusing on self improvement and taking an active and immediate response to put the body and mind in a more positive or relaxed state.

Waiting for problems to disappear is usually met with poor results. Taking direct control over your feelings and seeing how your own actions can directly change your mood will, in turn, afford you greater control over your life and mind as well.

Using stress as a fuel can take time and results won’t be overnight. However with constant practice you might just find that when you next get stressed out rather than feeling like someone adrift you suddenly have the energy to create actions towards solutions..

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