3 Steps to Prevent Covid-19 Blues

Working in isolation can be hard or easy depending on who you ask.

Stress 22nd Jul, 2020

Everyone will have a different way to deal with it, but if you start with these 3 steps to prevent Covid-19 blues, you’ll be immediately better off. You have had just another online call with your teammates who, unlike you, were all smiles and smashed yet another deadline.

You hide a grimace that threatens to spill onto your face when you, on the other hand, got your work done but at the cost of last night’s sleep because you spent the rest of the week watching t.v. and eating bags of crisps when you should have been working. You ask yourself, what went wrong?


Motivation can be a tricky thing, one moment we feel the drive to get on and do something but then suddenly like the sun drifting behind the clouds, it’s gone. So much easy to put our feet up or get on with the cursed “busy work.” Here we explore how to make working in isolation easier and how to get that motivation back. 

Don’t Let the Isolation Make You Isolated:

Many people can’t focus if left to their own devices. As terrible as it is to admit there is a reason that there are teachers and managers and why so many who try self study or their own business don’t make it work. Humans have a tendency to do what is easy rather than what is “good” for them, so when there is not somebody to ensure we are doing the task we are supposed to, we can veer off the rails in moments.

As a solution it is important to keep in contact with not just our managers but our peers. We tend to do better when we are in it together and so keeping in regular contact even if it is just over the phone will help to keep our focus.

Set Written Goals:

When we have not got what we need to do written down it can become nebulous or lost in the void. Somehow we can tell ourselves that we will get it done “later”. By writing down our tasks we help to mentally commit to them and ensure we get them done. We also see our list of priorities in an order that we should get them done rather in an order of easiest to hardest.

Commitment is easier to define when we have put it down in black and white and will allow you to have a much greater chance of getting things done.

Don’t Over-Stress, Take Some Time Off and Keep Focused:

As important as it is to get things done our health always comes up trumps. Not only does stress put your immune system at a disadvantage people who take time for leisure and relaxation are more likely to be productive. We recommend that as contrary as it sounds to take time off and recharge if you need to.

This is not a call to relax when you are already relaxed as you will most likely just end up asleep. Instead it is important to be honest with yourself and reward yourself for bucking down and getting things done.

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