The Things You Learn When You Travel With Your Partner

Why it is challenging to travel with your partner.

Holidays and Travel 08th Oct, 2021

Traveling together for the first time is always an exciting milestone in the relationship. In your enthusiasm though, you forget that there are some inevitable obstacles when traveling as a couple. Later, you even realise that you didn’t know much about your boyfriend or girlfriend. Find out why traveling together can be such a big deal when it comes to the future of your relationship. 

1. You May Be Soul Mates, But You May Be Incompatible As a Traveler: 

You and your partner may have a lot in common, but you may still have very different travel styles. For instance, you may discover that while you are a morning person, your partner is a night owl or vice versa. This can limit how you plan your daily activities. Nevertheless, when it comes to planning a day trip, you need to make compromises. Luckily, that should be the strong point in any marriage. 

2. The Stress Of Traveling Can End Your Relationship: 

Well, travel can make or break any relationship, especially if you have opposite personalities. Maybe one of you is a nerd when it comes to the itinerary and quickly panic when things don’t go as planned, or maybe your partner is a person who keeps calm under pressure and is not impressed when unforeseen changes occur. This can definitely add a bit of frustration. You need to learn how to carry stress as a couple. 

3. One (or both) Of You Can Be Bad At Reading Maps: 

The map test is an unavoidable challenge for couples traveling. If neither of you have dealt with a map before, know that it can be challenging, especially when driving. This can often lead to itineraries being messed up, finding yourself in the wrong destinations, and plenty of arguments. If you can do something to avoid this, do it. Get familiar with using maps. Likewise, you can use an app like Google Maps to quickly guide yourself out of trouble. 

4. You Are Not On The Same Page When It Comes To Taking Pictures Of Every Moment: 

It is not uncommon to find couples where one of you would like to photograph every moment, but the other wants to live in the moment. There are times when you will not rest until you have the perfect photo. This can be a tedious process, especially if you or your partner are looking for the best Instagram picture. To avoid problems, get ready with quick tricks to get the perfect photos, and then maybe you can get the travel photos you want without wasting precious time in life at the moment. 

5. Sooner or Later, You Will Discover Each Other’s Worst Sides: 

It is inevitable. When going away on a trip, you will discover things you didn’t know about your partner. This is a double-edged sword, as you can be shocked in the wrong way with what you find out. If your partner has not already done so, they will see you in your most embarrassing state. We’re talking messy hair, morning breath, bathroom breaks, and the list goes on. Well, it had to happen at some point, right? You will learn how presentable (or vice versa) you are in the morning, and how comfortable you feel when you wake up, and vice versa.

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