Sex Problems In A Relationship: 7 Easily Identifiable Reasons and the Solutions

7 of the most common sex problems in a relationship.

Sex 20th May, 2021

Sex problems in a relationship would not occur, in a perfect world. Regrettably, truth does not operate in this manner. When it comes to getting down to business, as any couple’s therapist will tell you, a range of issues can emerge. Fortunately, the following problems can be fixed to have the best sex possible.

sex problems in a relationship

Sex Problems In a Relationship:

1. You Get Distracted During Sex:

This is particularly true for many mothers since the stress of parenting can hinder any sexy ideas. Scheduling sex can seem counterintuitive, but it may be beneficial. You will be more able to adapt to anything if you know it is going to happen. Adding any novelty, such as new sex roles or toys, may also help you stay present and prevent sex problems in a relationship. 

2. Men Feel Embarrassed To Act Loving During Intercourse:

The rumour about men being emotionless, sex-obsessed robots are doing a disservice to men. A lot of times, men always feel trapped by the idea that they are emotional individuals. Many people admit that they want to feel closer but are unsure how to do so. If you believe that your partner is going through this, make it easier for him by being vulnerable about your own feelings and avoid sex problems in a relationship.

When he gets mushy, you should be particularly affectionate – all it’s about positive reinforcement. 

Our friends in Australia may have the answers for men – check out their advice here.

3. You Feel That You Always Have To Initiate Sex:

Resentment may arise if one person believes the other isn’t doing enough to keep the good times going and cause sex problems in a relationship. You should do it while you’re in the mood, rather than waiting for your partner to initiate and being upset if it doesn’t happen. If you’re on the receiving end of the equation, keep in mind that your partner’s request for you to start sex more often is motivated by a need to be desired. 

4. You Ignore Foreplay Before Having Sex:

Couples tend to ignore the importance of foreplay, so they just skip it, however, many people love it and, in fact, need it to avoid sex problems in a relationship. So how can you best say it to your partner? If you’re in a hurry, it’s best to show your partner what feels good to you by putting their hand in the appropriate places. That way, it seems to be less of a criticism and more affirmation of what they already do.

5. Couple Tend To Lose The Desire And Passion:

Fortunately, there is a solution. Every day, you can tell each other one thing you admire about the other person. If that’s too easy for you, consider adding some of the tiny gestures you used to express affection when you first started dating: holding hands, wrapping your arms around each other while sitting together, rubbing each other’s shoulders, and so on. This is a great, simple way to avoid sex problems in a relationship.

6. Your Partner Doesn’t Like To Perform Oral Sex:

You may feel rejected if you enjoy oral sex, but your partner does not. You may become enraged and frustrated, and lose interest in being sexually intimate as a result. If your partner isn’t a big fan of oral sex, but you value it, ask them to see it as something they can do once in a while to prove they care for your pleasure. When a person gives a little, it goes a long way toward making their partner feel valued and minimising sex problems in a relationship.

7. Pressure To Have a Baby:

When a straight couple tries to conceive, the man will feel compelled to act. It’s essential to strike a balance between articulating when you’re ovulating and allowing yourself to be spontaneous. Communication is crucial in figuring out how to walk the fine line since certain male partners want to know every detail about your period. In contrast, others prefer to be kept in the dark.

Even if the ultimate objective is to conceive, no matter where he falls, the two of you will put a sense of excitement back into sex.

There are many different types of Relationships, including those Families with Children.

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